I like that so many more secrets are out in the open and that Se Kyung and Seung Jo are managing to happily date while opening up to each other him more than her. In-hwa takes the opportunity to ask about the Artemis party, wondering at her personal relationship with the CEO. She gets into a cab asks the driver to just drive. And In-hwa, I used to think she’s so pretty and smart, but the way she tried to approach Seung-jo to expand her family’s business makes her nothing better than Se-kyung. However, there was that little part of me that basked in Yoon Joo’s absolute mortification once she realized who Se Kyung’s White Rabbit really was. I absolutly love this drama. It just drives me so crazy how his character is written. Yoon Joo agrees because she felt the same way and asks how things are going?

SJ is so enjoyable to watch. I also believe that if this show was at least 20 episode to start with, so many things would not have been so rushed and popping out everywhere randomly. Moko January 7, at I was really enjoying the show until Se-kyung knew the truth about Seung-jo. Dad tells Se Kyung that the moment he agrees to the wedding Se Kyung will get dumped. Seung Jo wonders why everyone is overreacting. If she comes clean with SJ she might lose everything.

I have to pretend to be the me before I changed. Seung Jo alkce surprised since he was just a no-name artist, but after that painting was sold more people came to buy his paintings.

Nor is PSH for that matter, but he has certainly improved over the years.

Cheongdamdong Alice Episode 8 Recap | A Koala’s Playground

Learn koapa your comment data is processed. This is not the best romance drama but certainly gives depth into people who run away from reality like SeungJo.

But since this is a romcom, I trust they will work out their issues eventually.

Then that will make this OTP and this drama worthwhile after recxp is said and done. MGY uses every part of her face to act, cheongdamdoong convey the emotions. He introduces the Bouche de Noel and wonders if Se Kyung remembers. Seung Jo smiles and tries to kiss the pool cue but Dong Wook stops him and tells him not to practice.


They fight over who should reveal their secret first but he asks her to wait.

I knew that both 9 and 10 had been aired, so I was very much cheonfdamdong forward to a two hour dive into CdA. Park Shi Hoo is great in this role. Se Kyung says she loved him regardless of who he was, and Seung Jo knows this deep down. Seung Jo grabs a content emoticon rabbit and sits down looking at it before hugging it close to his chest. The girl whose basic premise was to deceive and wile her way into high society aalice marry rich?

Se Kyung calls him Secretary Kim and he says he needs to apologize to her. Se Kyung rushes there, calling him a dumb bear for not waiting somewhere warm. President Robert likes it very much and says it needs to be shown epispde the press.

For the sake of their relationship, it is advisable that they start on a clean slate. First, I really love the Seung Jo’s character. I still think the writers know what they are doing. And plus, how she can come clean now? C’mon now, your wife starts acting strange and disappears for long spells especially at night goes tramping around the neighborhood in her expensive clothes and fur coat at midnight in the bitter cold and she’s alternately crying and brooding and omg now she’s drinking and smashing wine bottles at midnight and he just looks perplexed and says,”Wife, what’s wrong with you lately?

His dad tells Seung Jo that this is no big deal, once it passes its no big deal.

The reality is ugly and therefore ignored. Or should I watch it again to unwind. She gets a text from Seung Jo asking to meet tomorrow to talk.

Cheongdamdong Alice Episode 10 Recap

aloce I really like and agree with your analysis of the situation -definitely spot on! I haven’t seen Se-kyung laugh in this drama I feel that she loves him a lot and she would be willing to do a lot of things for him. They can only change again. Se Kyung says yes. Namgoong Min is soooooooooo good. But i think SK is going to have to cheongdamdomg the reality that she indeed tried to catch a big fish.


Cheongdamdong Alice Episode 9 Recap

What has been the best, what has been the worst? Oh and shout to PSH as always. Seung Jo says his dad is still the same. Who better to confirm this than her Dad. Since he was born he only loved two woman, if he learned that both women are friends and both approached him for money, he could not possibly survive this truth. You can either run from it or learn from it. I seriously thought something like that happened to MGY.

Se Kyung sinks to eoisode ground at the altar and sobs her guts out. You 99 sensible, honest, and brave. Jean Thierry Cha is the President. Seung Jo spots Se Kyung and asks if he really is too far from her? Lo and behold, thwarted In Hwa gets a clue about a nanosecond in and sleuthes her way to the confirming evidence three seconds later.

If he knew all along and is playing along the game all the time, that will be great! That she knew his identity before he told her Or something else! Then the day she received the blackmail video from Tommy was the day he proposed to her. The good news is that she has a choice now about her future.

In addition, where can I get those couple customs I need one.