But it increased the manga sales prominently so that’s why they probably decided to do a S As the first new City Hunter movie in twenty years, this blast of ’80s future detective action is a welcome surprise on the big screen, but how has the material underneath aged? With the end of book 17 all by animated I think winter is the earliest we can hope for a 2-cour season. Takako Honda as Nayuta Amakasu. In the first round, Chihaya faces Ririka Tachikawa, a child prodigy hailed as the next Shinobu. Taichi has given Arata’s cell number to Chihaya, so following her party, she calls Arata.

Komano tutors Chihaya and Nishida for exams while Taichi enters a tournament, his last opportunity to make Class A before the eastern master qualifier. At the Shiranami Society, Taichi plays Tsuboguchi, who has graduated from college and is now a high school teacher. They picked a good spot to end this season. March 19, [20]. His advantages are memorization and adaptation based on what cards have been read. Meanwhile, Midori Sakurazawa, the Fujisaki coach, removes one of third-year Class A players from the line-up and replaces him with Rion Yamashiro, a second-year Class B player who is Kyoko Yamashiro’s granddaughter. After a subsequent stroke, he lost lucidity and even forgot what kuruta was.

Watching on TV, Murao thinks about how he has left Arata alone. Sumire realizes that pursuing Taichi means getting better at karuta, so she clips her nails.

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Sumire realizes Chihaya watches Taichi as much as Taichi watches Chihaya. Akane Kubota as Female Student ep 6. The Stream – Breasted Development Feb 7, Taichi tells him that he played karuta in middle school with a club, but it is no longer his dream to become a master.


Shinobu begins the Class A final by taking all the cards, but Arata recalls how he used to beat her and catches up. The air conditioner over the Mizusawa match malfunctions.

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Kana catches up to Sumire and brings her back to the clubroom. Kana, however, seeing an opportunity to get Chihaya and Taichi together, suggests Chihaya for the female lead. Megumi Satou as Female Student. Saisln Kurokawa ep 17 Ayaka Nakajima 4 episodes eps 2, 9, 18, Masafumi Mima Cgi Director: Taichi x Chihaya Or Pacing of the show could cnihayafuru been a bit better, but I think they chose to leave it off at a good point in the story.

Chihayafuru is truly unique to me. Recent Watched Ignored Search Forum.

Mika Kanai as Sakura Kanai ep Only a boy named Akihiro Tsukuba remains, but Sumire returns when she becomes bored with her new friends. Chihaya realizes that she should watch them to learn from them rather than to support them.

Emily Neves as Ririka Tachikawa ep Ken Hashimoto Color Coordination: No, I’m not going back on Twitter to catch up on The Discourse, because that never ends well.

Miyauchi brings Mizusawa some tasuki to help them move more easily in kimonos. Ricardo Contreras Poem Translation: Ayahi Takagaki as Taichi Mashima elementary school. Tsuboguchi gives his team insight to get inside Taichi’s head to distract him. Game’s Opening Movie Streamed Meanwhile, Arata tells Taichi that the only team for him is one chinayafuru Chihaya and Taichi.


I have never heard of Karuta until I got lost into it’s world in this anime, I feel like it is somehow incomplete though.

Chihaya, matched against Akashi’s Yuube in the first round, finds she is unable to take any cards with her left hand. Taiki Imamura ep 10 Music Production: Theron Martin has the details.

As the team considers including Komano in the next match, Nishida suggests they leave him out. Benjamin McLaughlin as Hiroshi Tsuboguchi. Arata loses in the fourth round of the western chihayfuru.

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Chihaya realizes that he is using karuta timing to play tennis and tells him that that is not fair to chijayafuru. The spectators are not as stunned by Arata’s win as much as by Shinobu’s loss. Harada catches Sumire spying on the players through the door.

Komano and Sumire continue scouting opponents during the second round. Kana points out that Chihaya’s reliance on sound and speed leads to a lot of faults, but Kana differentiates poems by meanings, so she commits fewer faults.

Sword Art Online novel 15 Feb 24, Chihya apologizes for the hard practice, but the others thank her for helping them improve. She also realizes how a right-handed defense is weak against a left-handed player.

Preview Manga Manga Store. Kenji Fujita Executive producer: