A battle between good and evil as well as immortal love takes place. Yoon So-yoon 20 episodes, Ah-in Yoo His parents were killed in a raid and his main goal was to stay below the radar to survive. Mongdung-ne 19 episodes, Meet the community members dedicated to bringing you the subtitles for this channel. Would that be better not shown in the preview so next episode would have somewhat unexpected elements?

Please encourage them by leaving a comment below! Park Yong Ki Supporting Cast. Yoon So-yoon 20 episodes, Ah-in Yoo Im Hyuk Supporting Cast. Choi Chil-woo 20 episodes, Hye-Sun Ku Yoon So-yoon 20 episodes,

Korean Broadcasting System television dramas South Korean television series debuts South Korean television series endings s South Korean television series Korean-language television programs Television series set in the Joseon Dynasty South Korean action television series South Korean historical television series. The A-Team episodf over an unconscious Chil Woo, worried for his health.

Butler Song 11 episodes, He rushes to save her at every opportunity and boy, are there a lot of themhe grins like a fool whenever she so much as smiles in his direction, he giggles when he holds her hand.

Mighty Chil-woo (최강칠우) Korean – Drama – Episode 11

Oh My Venus Moorim School: Bet he wishes he spent less time frolicking and more time rushing back now, huh? A new request for help comes in. Blood TV Series Yang Jae Sung Supporting Cast.


She works off her blindfold, peers outside and sees Orroz, dressed as Heuk San, standing in the yard. Sarah, thank you for all the summaries.

Episodes by odilettante. I dig this expression on dpisode face. Two events are the cornerstones of the series and are stepwise described during numerous flashbacks.

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Use the HTML below. His parents were killed in a raid and his main goal miggty to stay below the radar to survive. When Chil Woo arrives home, he finds So Yoon gone. She’s the only reason left for his existent.

But all is well, because their third amigo is near at hand! Story of the the foundation of the Joseon Dynasty in Korea and ambitions, success and conflicts of several real and fictional characters. Episode 6 by Helcat.

Min Seung-kook 19 episodes, Ha-ryong Lim So Yoon sticks to her guns and insists on seeing the emperor. Could she give up her status that she had long fought for? Park Bo Young Cameo. He’s rather die than let them take her away from him again.

The muskets are raised for another round, and So Yoon begs him to give up and stop for his own safety. Jin Moo-yang 10 episodes, You can subtitle on Viki and be part of the community too!


The series starts by stating: Adobe Flash Player version 9 or above is required to play this audio clip. A tomboy, mistaken for a lad, maintains the deception for the sake of employment. Please enter your username or email address. A verification email has 111 sent to your new email address.

Oh Man Seok Supporting Cast. Strongest Chil Woo Hangul: Jung Jin Supporting Cast. Retrieved from ” https: Strongest Chil Woo Volunteer Team. The servant signals to their unseen company, and soon the two of them are surrounded, with Mighgy leading the pack of attackers.

Shin Seung Hwan Supporting Cast.

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Song Yong Tae Supporting Cast. Download the latest version here. Yeong-hyeon KimSang-yeon Park. Youre are the best Sarah!! Watched Movies and TV series List. Poor girl mighyy the elite Shin Hwa High and is bullied by the leader of F4 the four richest boys. Or that person-shaped shadow lurking outside? Official site [South Korea]. However, Jae Hee, is perfect in everything that he does.