The meeting is interrupted by the sudden appearance of the king, who takes over the proceedings. Behind her, Sun-joon stands witness to her achievement, a knowing look on his face. Heuk San, for his part, maintains his cool, commanding aura. Where did that horse come from? To watch or not to watch? Episode 4 by Regals. Then he sees something that disturbs him more: Sun-joon should know that the merchants paid for the slush funds of the Noron faction.

Makes me almost want to watch it. I loved this episode because we got a better look at each character, like Minister Ha. The Zorro look is ridiculous and that scene with Zorro chil woo illuminated by the moon made me howl with laughter Episodes by LollyPip. I’m really happy reading that heuk san turns good.. Zorro leatherwear and glaringly white veils. Instead, I want to feel gratitude. Everyone wonders why the respected nobleman would put up with this, but he merely explains that he has his reasons.

Professor Jung retorts that knowledge can be studied outside government walls… but Sungkyunkwan has no place for women.

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For more info, go here. The following morning, preparations for the competition are well underway. Sun-joon introduces himself anyway.

Heuk San struggles with himself and the impossible decision it seems he must make. Probably a lot of your fans like me would love to email you as well. Only, for me, this show wasn’t entertaining at all.

Reason being that the others happily enjoyed the magic show while Sun-joon was the only one who questioned the absurdity of the lesson.

As they leave, Yoon-hee tells Sun-joon angrily that she had no intention of taking the exam. He has a particular person persons? Yong-ha explains that is the precise reason he sent Yoon-hee…he wants to see her be stripped of her guise. And as for Chil Woo? It is still in existence, and in the time of this drama it is a prestigious school attended by the sons of noblemen.


Yoon-hee is up first and all eyes are on her. While those other two focus on inherently good guys who become Robin Hood, Chil Woo deliberately wants to be unspecial, and then transforms into an avenger. The blind man pieces together the story from the conversation, realizes the sacrifice Heuk San is making, and tries to convince his thw not to make the exchange.

The Mighty Chilwu

Worse yet, he chilwk to remember her face. In-soo calls him a thug who cowers away from direct competition and relies only on his fierce glare.

The way they finish off the king is very good. This, in my book, is a good thing. The executioners ready to kill the rebels, when at the last moment the assassins — and So Yoon — present themselves. He also says firmly that he will decline any instance of special treatment.

The rebels proceed with their coup: His classmates, including Yoon-hee who hides behind a cornerpeak in when Headmaster Choi rushes in and freaks out about who would do such a thing. Who volunteered to be THAT decoy? Fortunately for our heroine, an adorably inebriated Yong-ha shows her a secret entrance, and she and Sun-joon are in time for the curfew check. Chil Woo answers in the affirmative. It was really out of my prediction.


Strongest Chil Woo Favorite. So he can pass the upcoming civil service examination.

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Or better yet, study their butts off and show up Sun-joon. So back to the city it is. Maybe because i’m not korean that i enjoyed d first 2 eps Not sure what to do with this series.

I will give it a try to watch it. It makes such the greater impact. The Geumdeungjisa is a mysterious book that supposedly tells all about how the Norons tricked King Yeong-jo into bringing about the death of his son, Crown Prince Sado.

Sun-joon curtly declines the invite; he hates glossing over matters through drinking. So why does she want to place first? So if you ever have to make another difficult decision like today, please remember that there was once someone who believed in you more than himself.

There were too many recurring scenes that had great acting but pitiful editing. Rumor has it that Professor Jung was fired from his last government job for corruption and taking bribes. His attitude is that if the entire world is corrupt, might as well make some cash from it.

Minister Lee and Minister Ha discuss using one of their men in the palace to destroy the ledger.