So choose your difficulty wisely! It encourages you to explore portions of mods you previously ignored and to find new solutions. Then select the version number that you want to see the change log for. Featuring quests, overhauled movement, tons of new blocks and weapons, and WorldEdit, this pack is geared towards designing Adventure Maps and CTM maps. If you’ve ever wanted more to do in Vanilla without completely changing the way you play then this is the pack for you! A rich, challenging and stimulating content. Homestead offers unique mod interactions so the pack feels more cohesive, and less like a “kitchen sink”.

The mods included support and expand on TFC to allow for progression into and past the modern age. But it can as be used for playing CTM maps in general. Modpack for the Malted Gaming public survival server. If you find a bug in the pack, please join GitHub and post the issue there: Whether it’s a river-side cottage or some pixel art, this pack has what you need to get the job done. Curated by Nodecraft – Minecraft Server Hosting – https: Please help the progress of the pack by playing and notifying me DrummingFish of any bugs or problems you may find here: Add in several custom structures, and you have a modpack that offers a unique experience and a change of pace from other modpacks.

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Have fun and stay safe out there!! Head on over to my YouTube Channel http: Not all the videos you see when clicking the “Videos” button on the KrisCraft page is not videos I made, videos I am in or videos featuring the modpack.

A pack designed for the Rebranded Minecraft server. The Choose Is Yours! There is no “progression” to grind your way through more than you’re already familiar with. We do currently operate a server for this pack via the website above. The Adventurist’s modpack is basically an overhaul of almost every aspect of vanilla play, featuring Custom NPC’s, Smart Moving, decocraft, A lot of weapon mods, and more, this pack is great for Survival, Creative, and Adventure maps.


Genesis features several other world dimensions, such as the Erebus and the Twilight Forest, each with exclusive materials to encourage exploration.

Let’s see how well you can handle a little added realism in Minecraft! All mods who have a Hard mode are on. No magic, very little technology, and enough Lucky Blocks to make your eyeballs explode! You will die of thirst.

Manage your ever fhimneyswift11 empire with fully programmable computer networks assisted by robots and drones. The calm of the daylight is deceptive. You have been in cryogenic sleep for over 50 years when you are awoke by your commander. Well it was decided to be worked on and become even better then before.

I’m back at long last with season 5 of Modded Viles with Nightdagger, and this time the pack download is being tiles by ATLauncher! Other players can use this code in the Install window. You will also find an achievement book, that gives you some long-term goals. Prepare to wreck face and slay the hoards of chaos as you progress through the tiers of Tinker’s Construct with Iguana’s Tweaks and all of the glory of Metallurgy.

Mod Pack privado creado por Ganimomu para sus amigos y gente aleatoria.

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Everything will be flying by and blowing up in your face before you actually know what’s going on. Do you have what it takes? Buildpak offers over 50 mods specifically designed to deliver amazing aesthietics coupled with the ability to easily build using advanced building tools. A modpack by Darkosto and Funwayguy. The mods in this pack are well known, so players will minecdaft be completely lost.

The pack also provides the mod “Together Forever” to let players form teams and sync progression. This pack has a lot of building type mods with hardness in mind to keep you on you toes. Join us in the Vanilla Beyond.


Off in the distance you notice a big wall with buildings behind it. Yes you can stream this or make youtube vids, or make a server 5 years ago 84 Infernal Skies Leaderboards Servers Streams Videos 0. Most Mods are development, alpha and beta Versions. The Golden Shaft private server chinneyswift11. We won’t stop until all the Mods r belong to us Hermitcraft Modsauce is the offical 1.

The Minecraft Files – #293 – Town Fountain! (HD)

Thank you for playing Alone! We’re moving onto 1. This pack contains Fastcraft, by Player. While you’re at it, why not crack open some Lucky Blocks! You as the player, are one of the survivors descendants, head out into this new world and explore your ancestors legacy, dig deep down below the surface for precious resources, craft new powerful equipment and weapons, discover old forgotten machinery and restore or salvage it, experience the dangers and horrors of old abandoned bunkers and ruins of long forgotten cities, research the new possibilities of thaumaturgy, create new beautiful homes or rebuild legacies of the old world, and surpass your ancestors.

Add in several custom structures, and you have a modpack that offers a unique experience and cchimneyswift11 change of pace from other modpacks. Pokemon Craft MC 1. Once 3311 to be just a rumor, YouTuber ChimneySwift11 led the charge to bring this project back from the dead. Block 19 Leaderboards Servers Streams Videos.

Maybe you like to play a little more Vanilla style and mods like Totemic, Water Strainer, Aquaculture, or the Monk mod will better serve you. Economica’s intended central theme is Economy, with transportation involved. The more players the better!