Crayon Shin Chan Dub ep1: More Top Anime 1 Fullmetal Alchemist: Action is surprisingly fluid, much better than I was expecting as a whole. Seems to be that way from him saying “You lied to me again brother”. How the hell do you survive a KMF explosoin? Lillia’s a cutie with a long name.

Kallen x Lelouch was the best part of the episode imo. Basically, Lelouch is the person driving the cart in the last scene. Guess I’m wrong, maybe I mixed things up. That’s how she was able to talk with Marianne. Xiang Qin fainted n finds herself in Zhi Shu’s little sister’s bedroom. I mean the title gives it away pineappleing immortal.

I remember that show! That might be blocking them.

Although, I’m not sure where this parallels off of, so it may be before he even met either anyone else. Why am I watching this again?

The “Help Identifying This Anime/Character” Topic

Cowboy Bebop Dub ep1: I don’t know karate, but I know karazy. Ryuusei no Gemini ep1: I’d rather read it. A day at the skatepark. That’s how she was able to talk with Marianne.


veoh – chocotto sister dvd 15 sub

Black Lagoon S2 ep1: My cousin puts a condom in his mouth and my cousins dance to some DDR music. So that people can verify that I am not making this up – that Rupert Murdoch really is the biggest Pirate in the US Anime marketI’ll finish this post with a long list of the information I copied down off of the FreeAnimes.

My absolutly loved Bleach and Naruto This is shown when the nun kills C. A cel I got but Chpcotto don’t know what it’s from. It’s called “Chocotto Sister”. If the anime was unavailable in this country, they could argue they are “growing the market”.

Watch and share videos Video SayMove! I really like veoj Treize doesn’t sound so young boy-ish-y. Action is surprisingly fluid, much better than I was expecting as a whole. I found episode 22 to be decent at best.

Chocotto Sister 09

Anyways, decent for cheap laughs. Originally Posted by Eldin. It involved dark sorcerers, manipulative royals, and a violet-eyed vixen whose dangerous power turns innocent mongrels into slobbering, rabid monsters. By my rough count: Don’t kill Orange-kun, please: Slow subs are slow.


Chocott a few more days until Chaos;Head starts airing! I kind of like this series, its pretty laid back and relaxing to watch since it is not a ‘epic’ nonstop action series.

Because I’m a total loser who enjoys watching people fall in love, no matter how contrived it is. A few bootlegs will surely fall through the cracks.

I wish I had understood it earlier. I disabled NoScript to test it and nothing changed. Angel’s Feather Ova ep1: All times are GMT I’m too lazy to go read about it.