And the minimal cussing. I love that he even reviews the FDS Knitting games! I’m sure we can all relate on one level or another, and understand the delays that would have caused. Great episode Herr Doktor Sparkle, glad to see your keeping this going. In the Japanese version they’ll usually lay down a steady stream of shots that’s sometimes literally impossible to get through without dying. The wait between episodes can be excruciating, but the end result is worth it. BearChair Member Jan 28,

Jun 23, 12, 1 0. Smoke Capcom digs deep into its vaults for this one – a port of the arcade game. The first time produced Hi no Tori ; this time around, we have a game based on Astro Boy. This will provide handy, bored late-night viewing for weeks. JinjoUnchained Member Nov 19, It’s just that Dr.

Join Gamefilter Sign Up Now Gamefilter members get access to a wide array of magical funtime tools in addition to being able to post and comment. Until then, check out Chrontendo Episode 28 over at archive. I agree the general interest for gaming history is surpisingly low though.

Chrontendo Thread of playing The Good, The Bad, The Ugly of the Famicom/NES | Page 2 | NeoGAF

Oh this is going to take up a whole lot of the time I don’t have: I think I will look for the ROM for that, just for the fun of it. Dec 6, 5, 0 0. Still, this is one of the biggest delays Chrontendo has experienced. Bah, I got all excited when I saw the thread bumped. No games quite as huge as those here, but we will see the first game in a very long running series from Koei. Jul 26, 28, 6 0 Long Island, NY. Watching the episode with Mighty Bomb Jack and Gradius is a little painful since he doesn’t seem to know how to play those very well MBJ he doesn’t seem to know about the “hover” ability, and Gradius he episose picks sub-optimal powerups.


Ingueferroque Banned Jan 28, Evenball Jack Flack always escapes! What has been posted on the blog though is that apparently he fixed episoce Twitter account.

Not sure how many of those there are. I never thought of it in those terms before.

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Chrontendo was posted to Metafilter back in June. Few succeeded to the extent that The Guardian Legend did. I was about to post the return, there is always someone that beats me to everything here in Neogaf lol. Also I haven’t slept tonight so I’ll blame that as well. Obviously modern technology has allowed the folks at Square Enix to create far sillier weapons.

Part of this can be chalked up the the games involved: Definitely going to watch these. This thread reminded me to start watching this series as I’ve been really looking for meaty game history bits. Gamefilter is a community weblog based in spirit and intent on the great work of Matt Haughey and his staff at Metafilter. And I found it interesting as to how chrontndo early Japanese-only Famicon games made appearances in my chrontfndo in-1 pirate cartridge.

Hopefully that changes when the medium and its audience matures even more. Episode 1July June Its a good manga I learned why there is no sashimi of fresh water fishbut must be a weird game. Roto13 Member Jan 29, Mezrabad — now there’s a guy who seems to going through some sort of long, dark night of the soul in regards to chronogaming.


They also share a font. Apr 8, 1 0. But it is finally here, so check it over on archive. Also, it’s the first Famicom game have the name chrontebdo a real life golfer attached to chrontndo.

Jun 25, 0 0. I’d patreon the hell out of the esteemed dr if I had the chance and I’m a parsimonious fucker. History of adventure games, part 1 Episode 32May-July History of Irem Episode 24November I can’t believe the day has come.

Chrontendo Thread of playing The Good, The Bad, The Ugly of the Famicom/NES

Of course if Chrontendo goes beyond the Famicom system, you might be doing this until you’re a very old man indeed. Is that really how you’re meant to pronounce Galaga?

History of beat-em-ups Episode 18May-June This shit right here is the best video game content on the internet.

Tetsuwan Atom Even a cat can look at Astro Boy. Why do you hate America my free time? I am downloading the latest episode at this very moment and am looking forward to viewing it as soon as possible.

Feb 5, 6, 0 0.

Just seeing a new episode of Chrontendo lights up my day! I’m gonna run myself a bath, fill up on cocktails and scrub myself while learning about some famicom trash.