He’s unable to use items to heal, his defense is lowered twice, he’s under Wrap, and he’s confused AND attracted Chugga catching Articuno in two Ultra Balls; even he was surprised at how short that took. This streak was broken in Episode 25, but it’s still awesome he made it that far. All party members have very low health, Shulk is dead from spike damage, and a predicted fatal attack is going straight for Riki. Especially at the 3 minute password part. I got into the mother series when I just got too curious as to what game Ness came from in Smash Bros.

Super Mario 64 DS. After suffering from Creator Backlash for so long regarding Steve , Chugga finally lets loose. Phanpy almost managed to beat Morty’s Gengar via Rollout combo. The first time Chugga realized Steve’s full potential was very cool after the time Steve spent being the Butt-Monkey. If there’s someone who loves EarthBound more than Chugga, I don’t want to meet that person. Chugga’s reaction was enough to rival his original reaction to Steve. And then he manages to dole out an epic Take That! It only didn’t work because Gengar got lucky with Hypnosis.

After failing once to beat Miror B. I started during his Paper Mario let’s play.

Earthbound Let S Play Chuggaaconroy

When Emile defeats the Black Empoleon gang, he leads with Hilbert, causing the gang to rename chaptee the “Black Garbodor”. Watch every Chuggaaconroy Let’s Play. YouTube used to completely MUTE videos that breached copyright laws and there was barely any way to appeal it.

Want to add to the discussion? Uh, chapetr weaken me with Surf Chugga catching Cobalion in only one attempt and three balls is nothing short of this, even if Chugga himself didn’t feel the same way.

Haywire doesn’t get much in, but she does manage to paralyze Haxorus with Thunder Wave and at least get a Charge Beam in before getting knocked out. It got him involved with Starmen. Onett Resident said on Nov. We go deep into Deep Darkness to find what sorts of slime inhabit these waters!


EarthBound/MOTHER Let’s Plays « EarthBound Central

In Episode 16, he defeated Cackletta before she could use her doppelganger attack, and in the same episode he took down Popple and Rookie before they could cahpter of a Bros. Another awesome moment comes against Brycen, where fpisode Cryogonal now named Hex takes a critical Slash from his Beartic with only 6 HP before being able to take it down.

Sorry for double posting by the way! In Episode 27, during a turf war battle, Chugga accidentally jumps into an active Inkstrike. I still remember when Okami wasn’t finished, and I distinctly remember when I would always be excited for a new episode of luigi’s mansion and Pikmin 2. Excadrill probably would have hit hard with its Hone Claws boosted moves, had Ottawa not blindsided it with her newly learned Aqua Jet. Every fight with a Wollywog has been a Moment of Awesome – especially the one where the Wollywog seemed to land on his Pikmin, but just barely missed.

Roary and Vui manage to completely thrash Koga’s team while the latter only got to attack once. Mother – Part 1: Considering how much of a hot-button issue game localization became in The New ’10ssaying this actually took some serious guts on Chugga’s part.

Even the way he started this chapter is awesome and doubles as Crowning Moment of Funny. His second bonus video has him epsode NintendoCapriSun three times out of four rounds. Chugga managed to defeat the Quaggled Mireclops right as the 10 second timer appeared on screen.

All just to give the views the best experience possible. After watching a couple from where he was then, I started at the beginning of the Galaxy series and kept watching him since. To further this, he next gets into a fight with a second Chomposaur.

I watched the corresponding episode of his PM lp and not only liked his voice, but i also learned of the “hammer chuggaacoonroy block a hundred times for an item” thing. EarthBound – Episode 2: It’s crazy to wonder how short old playthroughs would be if there was never a time limit in the first place. For the Fallarbor Town tent, Teddy sweeps the entire tournament on his own.


Keep in mind that Cryogonal as a species has utterly terrible defenseand yet he still took it. Being entertained by as well as learn from him is why i watch him to this day. He also would have evolved if Chugga didn’t want him to learn Aerial Ace. He revealed through his Twitter and Facebook pages that this occurrence legitimately caused him to lose his voice and sidelined him from recording for a few days. The Murderer Mystery FreezeFlame22 Sadly, they no longer work since YouTube disabled annotations.

He only got better. In episode 17, winning a match of Tower Control by one point after being killed within one second into overtime.

Darmani taking on all of Archer’s team and beating his Houndoom with only 6 HP remaining: Have we emphasized how dedicated this guy is yet? Chuggaaconroy 3 – Chaptsr 1 – Episode 1 chuggaaconroy 10 years ago.

That is a ridiculously awesome amount of determination. Miche said on Nov. He gets the Magic Fry Pans again!

Mother 3 – End of Chapter 1

She would have had no problem with Hitmonchan either, had he not paralyzed her with Thunder Punch. Not too special in terms of game mechanics, but Moegami’s evolution into Combusken mothrr after he beats the Aqua Grunt holding Peeko hostage. Getting a perfect score on King Fury. Ivysaur then proceeded to clean up house and take on both Kadabra and Charmeleon Potion-assisted for the latter, but stilldefeating them both despite the major type disadvantage.

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