Food writer and book author Laura Schenone brings a unique Ligurian recipe to Mary Ann’s kitchen, where together they prepare delicate pasta wafers called Corzetti served in a delicate garlic and olive oil sauce. Mary Ann prepares an Abruzzese regional classic lamb ragu that’s slow-simmered until it’s tender. Mary Ann visits a seafood market in Polignano al Mare just as the evening’s catch comes in. Every Italian has his or her favorite recipe, often from childhood, and so does Mary Ann, who teaches how to make this classic recipe. Mary Ann uses veggies from Guy’s garden in insalate caprese, a salad created by alternating plump slices of tomato and mozzarella di bufala with the enormous leaves from an impressive basil plant; grilled pepper salad with mozzarella and provolone; and a medley salad of eggplant, cauliflower, tomato, yellow peppers, and onions with a dressing of olive oil, lemon juice, sugar, thyme, and salt. Mary Ann creates an Italian wedding “cookie cake” that includes miniature cream-filled tarts. Just outside the city of Gubbio, year-old Pietro Cardoni gives Mary Ann an exclusive tour of his backyard vegetable garden.

Then she commemorates the visit by preparing a schiacciata di vendemmia —a sweet, double-crusted flatbread filled to bursting with fresh grapes—and an orange-accented Florentine flat cake. While in the Piedmont, Mary Ann and her friends prepare a cornucopia of regional favorites, including rabbit in sweet red pepper sauce, a classic rice dish from Novara, mushrooms in green sauce, and peach cake. Cheese expert Toni Lapriore helps Mary Ann pick out ingredients for soups and salads, including pecorino Romano and parmigiano Reggiano cheese. Mary Ann takes a good, long look at this elegant white vegetable before creating a spring-fresh cream of asparagus soup, a crisp white asparagus salad, and an Italian favorite, asparagus, Bassano del Grappo-style, topped with a rich, buttery egg sauce. She also makes a Focaccine antipasto. Mary Ann pulls out the stops to create an astonishingly different gourmet pizza that’s topped with sweet caramelized onions, dried fig paste, and melted dots of sweet gorgonzola cheese. Ricotta gnocchi with rabe and pignola nut sauce and stuffed breast of veal with fontina cheese are prepared. His catch of eels inspires her to prepare regina in porchetta carp in fennel sauce and tegamaccio fish stew, Lago Trasimeno-style.

Mary Ann uses pears when slow-cooking itslia calderone big pot cial the hearty, Vin Santo flavored, favorite meal of Tuscany Tilemakers. Mary Ann plunges into the crowd at Italy’s oldest festival, in the medieval town of Gubbio, and comes away inspired to make the traditional local crescia cheese bread. She finishes with a pear torta and fruit cocktail. Next, she transforms the famous Prosecco and peach bellini cocktail into modern day dessert.


Homemade Pizza – Pizza Casalinga She also makes a ricotta pudding. Seafood super-chef Jasper White weighs anchor nella cucina with a catch 2117 fresh tuna for Mary Ann. Then she prepares veal cutlets with fontina, refreshes the palate with a salad Val d’Aosta style, and serves a mascarpone cheese-topped pears in red wine.

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2171 makes episoce humble dish of potatoes and peppers, then adds apiane, a dessert wine, to sweeten things up. The meal includes a creamy farfalle with gorgonzola sauce, oven-roasted pork loin with apples, mixed salad, and orange-flavored Granita.

Season 26, Episode 17 October 10, They’re made on January 29 to celebrate the feast day epislde St. While she prepares her favorite Sicilian street food, Roberto works up crispy, ricotta-filled calzones. Mary Ann creates an Italian meat loaf by rolling it up, not shaping it up. A Venetian seafood extravaganza, including clams, calamari, scallops and more. Bruschetta with fried peppers, roasted red pepper salad, pepper molds with ricotta cheese, and pepper wedges baked in the oven.

Includes Strega Nona’s Pizza; and Cazones. Pasta handkerchiefs with pesto sauce is served. Mary Ann celebrates the pasta of Puglia by making sauce-holding cavatelli little caves and then she creates “Stracnar,” a rarely-seen pasta that requires a handmade “Cavarola Board” to create its distinctive imprint.

Mary Ann travels to Parma, Italy to learn the secrets behind its world-famous air-cured ham, then creates asparagus with prosciutto, tagliatelle with prosciutto, and prosciutto with melons and figs. Season 26, Episode 23 November 21, Then she commemorates the visit by preparing a schiacciata di vendemmia —a sweet, double-crusted flatbread filled to bursting with fresh grapes—and an orange-accented Florentine flat cake.

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She starts with hearty braised lamb shoulder chops in white wine and then moves on to fork-tender, pan cooked fennel. A Day Without Itwlia

Married at First Sight. Plus, Mary Ann transforms salted cod into a mouthwatering salted cod and potato salad with capers, cherry Tomatoes, and green beans. Pastry chef and teacher Cindy Salvato helps create three summer treats: The enticing smell of fresh-baked little hazelnut cookies soon fills the kitchen and fills her cookie jar as well.

Mary Ann picks rosemary and sage for an herb rub that’s great for meat, poultry, or elisode, then uses the rub on a chicken stuffed with a lemon. A Star Is Born 211. Guy’s summer garden provides the ingredients for a classic farro salad from Tuscany, a crunchy broccoli and cauliflower salad, a tart eggplant and sun-dried tomato salad, and a simple celery and tuma not tuna salad.


Joe Faro uses succulent chunks of fpisode and steamed Maine lobster to create one of his Tuscan Restaurant’s signature dishes. Includes deep-fried Cheese Fritters; and a hot bowl of Yota. Penne with cauliflower ragu, fettuccine with arugula pesto, and pasta with fried zucchine are made.

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Seafood Chef Jasper White brings enough freshly-caught clams to make two fantastic dishes, spaghetti with clams and clams minestrone. KET’s broadcast of this program is made possible in part by:.

Bread-baking guru Ciril Hitz visits Mary Ann nella cucina for a calzone bake-a-thon. Mary Ann buys kidney beans and tiny, delicate Castellucio lentils, unique to Umbria, at a small alimentari grocery store.

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What does a busy chef cook for himself on the weekends? Mary Ann prepares luscious skillet pears with mascarpone cheese, baked apples with dried figs and honey, and a light and refreshing kiwi mint sauce. My News Sign up and add shows to get the latest updates about your favorite shows – Start Now. Episove Ann is guest chef at the University of New Hampshire, where their talented food service staff igalia busy serving up Ciao Italia recipes to over 5, hungry college students who love good food.

Penne with Brussels sprouts and green beans, roasted Brussels sprouts with cheese and almonds, and a brisk and refreshing lemon sauce to go with them.

A “primo” of tomato risotto and Milanese veal cutlet drizzled with clarified butter are served. Food TV ltalia and cookbook author Sara Moulton joins Mary Ann for an energetic cooking demonstration before a ialia audience. Mary Ann creates stuffed flounder with spinach, carrot, and ginger. Mary Ann prepares chickpea meatballs, tart and refreshing marinated shrimp and cannellini beans, and pizza antipasti with clever toppings.

Its springtime bounty inspires a frittatina di verdure vegetable frittata.