With the methodology utilized we observe changes in the femoral vein of the animals submitted to irradiation in relation to the control group, thus described: Mechanical and thermal properties of castor oil polyurethane bone cement after gamma irradiation;Propriedades mecanicas e termicas de poliuretanas derivadas do oleo de mamona usadas como cimento osseo depois da irradiacao com radiacao gamma. The results show the importance of the amount of water in the reticulation. The aim of this study was to evaluate the effects of radiation on volatile formation in white, green, oolong and black teas. Full Text Available The coconut husk is a residue from consumption of coconut water. In pulp, the doses of gamma radiation of 4.

This behavior indicates that main chain scission is the predominant process during irradiation. DC wood from thinning and primary sawing for reconstituted panel and energy production; and also to verify the efficiency of extractive removal by water treatments, in order to improve wood quality for particleboard production. In this work, an evaluation of the changes caused by ionizing radiation in different types and quantities of products rich in starch wheat flour, cassava, rye, whole wheat, green banana pulp and maize on rheological, technological, physical and texture characteristics was studied. Full Text Available The coconut husk is a residue from consumption of coconut water. Thus, it was concluded that gamma irradiation in the lamb loins was effective in decreasing the proliferation of microorganisms without damaging its physical and chemical characteristics. Synergic effect of gamma radiation with thermal treatment for conserving natural apple juice from Gala variety; Efeito sinergistico da radiacao gama com tratamento termico na conservacao de suco natural de maca da variedade Gala.

Based on this fact, the aim of this work gioania to evaluate possible. Reusing some agro-industrial food by-products lower the production costs, increase efficient food utilization, and reduce the impact that these sub-products cause if discarded in the environment.

The objective of this project is the study of the effect of chitosan addition and the radiation with gamma rays. The initial investment was BRLDosimetric evaluation of spectrophotometric response of alanine gel solution for gamma, photons, electrons and thermal neutrons radiations; Avaliacao dosimetrica da resposta espectrofotometrica da solucao gel de alanina para radiacao gama, de fotons, de eletrons e de neutrons termicos.

Brasileiro, Ana Christina R. The green tea showed to be a little more susceptible to irradiation by high Aw once there was more variation in the amount of flavonoids and phenolics than the black tea, decreasing the amount of these compounds ehopping some doses, but increasing the amount in other ones.

Capsicum peppers are among the most used and toiania valued seasoning spices in the world. Studies show that radiation can modify the molecular structure of substances of natural origin, potentiating or inactivating their function.


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This process has made the region present inferior performances than State averages when indicators such as GDP and per capita income are analyzed. Many studies have indicated that the lack of A vitamin is the main cause of night blindness and xerophthalmia.

Full Text Available http: The analysis of the ultramicrographies revealed modifications in the structure and alterations in the pattern of collagen fibrils periodicity of the irradiated samples. Thus, the aim of this study show was to review the literature relative to the recommended technologies for the harvesting of sesame: The goiaina interacts with the material causing two kinds of effects, the direct and the indirect effect.

Chagas’s disease is one of the major public health problems in South America, promoting high prejudice to the local population. Objective – To point out the impact of gastrectomy on the nutritional status focusing on both mechanical and chemical.

Como chegar a Parque Linear Macambira Anincuns em Goiânia e Região de Ônibus

The dose response presents a linear behavior in the studied dose range. The conclusions of this work demonstrate that the potential exists for use of goiwnia bean meal in animal feed, such as fertilizer that has the ability to recover degraded areas and to control soil nematodes. O trabalho foi realizado por meio de uma abordagem qualitativa utilizando consultas a bases de dados nacionais e internacionais.

The calibration method uses the Monte Carlo technique to simulate the tissue contamination, the transport of the photons through the tissues and the detection of the radiation. Robeiro Text Available O direito de propriedade, antigamente considerado ilimitado, foi gradualmente vinculado a uma finalidade social e ambiental. Dose effects on the tensile strength at severiao TSb and at yield TSyon the molecular weight by viscosity, on optical properties by yellowness index YI and transmittance Tmolecular structure by transmission spectroscopy on infrared region IR.

The variation on the concentration of the tetracycline-benzyl alcohol solution caused by several doses of gamma radiation was determined by ribeior the spectrophotometric technique. The changes caused by exposure to ionizing radiation in the composite morphology was observed through the small angle x-ray technique. The variational formulation for the system of differential equations of second order with the generalized boundary conditions of Neumann third type allows an easy implementation of the method of the gouania elements with triangular mesh and approximation space of first order.

The black tea has the second greatest influence of radiation on formation of new volatile Fri, 20 Nov Study of radiation in fresh tomatoes lycopersicon esculentum Mill and in the levels of sauce lycopene; Estudo da radiacao ionizante em tomates in natura lycopersicum esculentum Mill e no teor de licopeno do molho. Thus the purpose of this study was to collect data to compare the effects of different doses of gamma radiation and electron in foods that have fat to determine possible changes resulting from the use of irradiation, as the presence of 2-Alcilciclobutanonas goiaia also show main equipment used for food irradiation and its dibeiro, with the aim of informing the general public.


It was studied the process and the acceptibility of the vongole Anomalocardia brasiliana ribeio, beyond to evaluate the stability of the frozen product as to chemical, physico-chemical, microbiological and sensory aspects.

In this work the combined effect shhopping gamma cinemw and stress cracking was studied in polycarbonate PC. Studies indicate the existence of a situation of underdevelopment in the southern half of Rio Grande do Sul, directly correlated with the farming and rice culture crises. SEE rate can be evaluated separately for thermal neutrons and fast neutrons with energy above 10 MeV. A contribuicao do direito nuclear para o melhor aproveitamento da energia nuclear para fins pacifico.

To evaluate the treatments, polyclonal antibody was produced in four New Zealand female rabbits, at 45 days old, immunized with bio conjugated ovo mucoid. The methodology used in this study was microbiological analysis, colorimetric analysis, analysis of phenolic compounds, antioxidant analysis and sensory analysis.

The ascorbic acid was affected by the synergic effect of ribeirk and radiation and by the interaction radiation and storage period. The hydrogels can be crosslinked by chemical or physical. The raw material was characterized and had its basic density, chemical composition, fiber size and proportion of anatomical elements analyzed.

The text describes the contribution of nuclear law in order to improve the nuclear energy utiliation for peaceful uses. In many hydroelectric power plants, when the inflows are greater than the demand for energy, a portion of the water that could be used to generate energy is diverted to the spillway and literally wasted.

Foram encontrados menores teores de cinzas, holocelulose. The white tea showed less influence of ionizing radiation, as In this study, potato skin was utilized for the production of flour to be used in bakery products. Antioxidant capacity reductions were 2.