You might like it: The wedding, as Claidi calls it, is an “over-marriage”, with too much extravagance and pettiness and unkind notions. Refresh and try again. Once they reach the snowy north, Claidi finally tells Argul the whole story. If I ever stop rereading this series, my soul has died. One day, a traveler named Nemain arrives at The House, surprising them all with his manner.

Jan 13, Buddy the Dog rated it it was amazing. Things felt kind of vague sometimes. Ironel also reveals to Claidi an even bigger surprise — upon reading her fake diary, Argul had not believed a word of it. All of the mysteries are finally revealed in this final sequence of the “Claidi Journals! We see her change from being afraid of the outside world, to being more accepting of it and not just through this book. I mean, she’s a double-dealing, two-faced liar. While bathing with the other Hulta women, she is kidnapped by men from the City.

I don’t make much sense Venn also develops a prickly and argumentative relationship with Dengwi. Twilight, Winter, and Fengrey Raven soon join the scene, greeting Argul with admiration and pleasure, commending him on clever hoax. There are so many plot twists, that when I read them again I forget about so many little things.

And the author gets bonus mivie for creativity and jourrnals outside of the box, but that’s basically all it has going for it.

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Flashes of humor help things along, though, and readers who liked the first book will enjoy the new entries in feisty Claidi’s journal while waiting for the next installment.

Halfway across the sea, Yinyay’s tower stops functioning and comes down in the middle of the ocean. Whether she’s inveighing against weird talking sharks or in an icy standoff with Ustareth, she’s an amusing narrator that I always root for. Like did she set this up to write a follow-up series and never did? When Claisi don’t care, it means it was a flop. There are clocks and things, and a general touch of something almost steampunk, what with the hot air balloon near the start, and the city with clockwork soldiers later on, and some sort of surveillance thing mixed in, almost sci-fi?


Cute story, but obviously meant for a younger audience.

She does so, and both Argul and Claidi suddenly fly through the ceiling and escape. I did enjoy these books, though at times they are depresseing, because Claidi is trying to live a happy, free life with her true love, Argul, yet book after book there are countless detours and enemies in the way of that dream.

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Claidi Journals 4 books. They return to her birthplace, the House, to rescue the other slaves? This review will go for all the books in this series, and not just this book.

A better ending for the series than the disappointing third. In she was awarded the prestigious title of Grand Master of Horror. In some cases, as with Chronicles of Narniadisagreements about clidi necessitate the creation of more than one series. But before they can start their life together, Claidi must face her past. This last book in the series will keep you guessing.

Claidi steals a journal and begins to record her unhappy existence in the House, writing to the journal as if her journal was a long set of letters. Bee Wolf Star was always my favorite when I was younger. But wow, re-reading this last book – their isn’t much to it, huh?

Escaped slave girl, princes, gypsies YA?

The House is introduced again, and Jade Leaf is back; but I can feel sorry for her. They receive her with disgust and anger, and inform her that after reading her diary Argul left the Hulta forever. It’s not like these books are all that great, but something about them makes them hard to ignore. Lee twice won the World Fantasy Award: Lists with This Book. However, Claidi is quickly learning that there are somethings that are best left unknown.


Overall a disappointing ending to a good series. Claidi prepares for her wedding to Argul, and is living quite comfortably with the Hulta.

Claidi could be me; she could be my friends; she could realistically be a part of our world. If I ever stop rereading this series, my soul has died.

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The “Common Knowledge” section now includes a “Series” field. I think my favorite part has to be the chapters in Peshemba, when she’s getting to know Argul, and how she could really live.

Of course I’m totally biased because, as I said, I grew I grew up reading these books, so to me jourals kinda like a comforting old stuffed animal I revisit when I need something warm and nostalgic. This book was vary different and i quite enjoyed it but there were still a few changes that could happen.

Series by Tanith Lee Fantasy novel series s fantasy novels. I have been reading many of the reviews on here, hoping to find other people who have read the series and felt the same about it. So I was a little disappointed in the final book of this quartet.

I tore through this book, staying up late to find joournals what happens to Claidi and her beloved, who is his mysterious mother and how the final book ties up everything, of course. It’s written as a diary, but I actually enjoyed it because it was so relaxed and felt like a real journal.