In ” The Baby Show “, Cerie becomes engaged to a wealthy man named Aris, after dating him for five weeks. In early seasons, Pete is Liz’s closest friend at work and the only one she can rely on. He is in his 50s when Liz Lemon causes him to realize the truth and gain a new appreciation and love for his mother and her holiday practices. He runs a hot dog stand which sells organic hot dogs. The New York Times. By the end of the series, he ends up as the president of NBC. Retrieved February 28,

He is indeed typically portrayed as lacking smarts and is often shown doing things that are considered juvenile. Therefore, Pete has asked Liz for the keys to her apartment for “my own safety. Subhas Subhas Ramsaywack is the head janitor at 30 Rockefeller Plaza. Colleen embarrassed him by having him play ” The Star-Spangled Banner ” on his flute in front of his hockey team. His first two initials were mentioned in ” The Aftermath “, in which it was also revealed that he has a thyroid problem. Meanwhile, Jack Donaghy Alec Baldwin married his girlfriend Avery Jessup Elizabeth Banks but following the wedding he learns that the minister Brassard did not marry the two of them. In addition to their genders, races, and names, their personalities are immediately revealed to be nearly identical to those of, respectively, Tracy and Jenna. He stupidly thinks they’re getting past their first fight, but Liz tells him she’s realized after meeting Carol that she can do much better than Wesley, and says goodbye to him.

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At the wedding, Liz was Jack’s best man and wore a white shirt with a head net while Avery wore a black dress. Spoof 29 January BroadwayWorld. Having the cameras around forces Tracy to act on better behavior. She was sent to prison for the offense, but he remained in love with her and after her release in the fifth season of 30 Rockthey reconciled and began a relationship over the objections of pretty much everyone else.

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Retrieved January 21, conaghy Friedlander says he makes the hats for his character himself, using phrases he invents; [4] in episode S03E18 where Liz is forced to stay home, one of her final requests before being forced out of the building was to know what Frank’s hat said.


Views Read Edit View history. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Lemon as he refers to her and Donaghy have a work spouse relationship.

Retrieved 26 March She appears often in the writers room during the first two seasons, but disappears after season 2. Sketch-Tron A recurring TGS robot sketch character originally volleen outer space, he appears in skits like “The Bear and Robot Talk Show”, flashback dreams by Tracy Jordan, vice presidential debate skits, as well as simple background appearances behind major characters or on stage for TGS rehearsals in 9 episodes over the show’s 7 seasons. Ridiculous,” a Chinese man named Mr.

Tales of the Unexpected: When she returns, Elisa and Jack begin planning their wedding; odnaghy, it is revealed that Elisa is notorious among Puerto Ricans for killing her husband after she discovered he was cheating on her. She appeared as the stern schoolteacher Mrs. Shrek 2 June Originally film. He and Lenny Wozniak donagghy his possible fathers down to three men whom Jack lures to Manhattan under false pretences in ” Mamma Mia “.

Jack has stated that people use Jorgensen as a scapegoat. Tracy Davids Tracy Davids – The stage manager’s assistant; appears in two episodes. When she returned to the United States in the mids from Eisodes, Woody Allen cast her as the former movie star mother in his drama September Sue also claims that she is a virgin “with white guys” when offering herself to Jack in ” St.

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It was written by co-producer Kay Cannon and co- show donaghh and executive producer Robert Carlock. This reputation is well-deserved; much of it is an intentional attempt on his part to maintain his “crazy” persona in the eyes of the media.

Leo is the son of Dr. However they eventually realize that they are too similar, and in ” Double-Edged Sword “, their equally controlling personalities come to a head after a heated argument while being stuck for hours on the runway on a plane piloted by Carol. As of Season 7, he and Liz are actively trying to have a child.

Show all 6 episodes. He is indeed typically portrayed as lacking smarts and is often shown doing things that are considered juvenile. In episode 15 of season three, ” The Bubble “Liz is concerned cklleen the way others treat Drew; he is so handsome that he unintentionally causes others to fawn over him.


Despite Liz’s help with Lynn and Frank’s relationship, Lynn hates Liz, and has said that she believes Liz is a “terrible person”.

On his first day of work without his silver clothes and makeupJack Donaghy renames him ‘Danny’ rather than have two Jacks.

Lynn was released years later and reunited with Frank on an episode of Angie’s reality show ” Queen of Jordan “. Weinerslav is a self-described “overweight transgender “. This page was last edited on 16 Januaryat This page was last edited on 29 Juneat He returns in ” Idiots Are People Three!

Jonathan returns in season seven, stating that he was away looking after his sick grandmother. A recurring motif in the show is Jenna’s pursuit of fame through some ill-advised project ending up in public humiliation from which she never learns. She asks Liz to tell him the truth and Liz reveals this to Drew later in the episode.

It received a 2. He is an Irish-American Catholic and a Republican. Jack’s mother disliked her from the beginning and their marriage was troubled.

Wang, and Gaybraham Lincoln. The series features seven characters appearing during the opening credits:. Stage manager Teddy Coluca – Appears in six episodes. Danny had a brief fling with his boss, Liz Lemon, which annoyed Jack. With his role of Liz’s confidant increasingly filled by Jack Donaghy, Pete played increasingly reduced roles as the series continued, although his marital woes and inability to catch a break were increasingly mined for humor. This was a decrease from the previous episode, ” Argus “, which was watched by 5.

Lynn Onkman Susan Sarandon is Frank’s girlfriend and former high school teacher.

Retrieved February 1, Audible Download Audio Books. Sue has a pragmatic personality, but she is known for unpredictable behavior.