For Greater Glory Peter O’Toole as Father Christopher. More problems with this film: As I mentioned previously, we live in times where all is pretty much handed to us. You will see battles and you will see slaughter. I will say this; I do commend the filmmakers for not holding back on the realistic violence throughout. Don’t let my telenovella remark fool you.

Shopbop Designer Fashion Brands. English Choose a language for shopping. The onscreen performances are much too underwritten, yet they have their moments, and much of that, to a certain degree, can be said about Dean Wright’s offscreen performance, whose ambition gets to be overbearing in its being intense that it makes other flaws that much more glaring, but still has a certain charm to it that, on occasions, claims your investment adequately and gives you a very brief taste of what this film could have been in order to refresh engagement value. Available on Prime Story of a Soul. Victoriano ‘El Catorce’ Ramirez. Based on a true story about the fight to stop people of Faith for what they believe in, an attack on religion, evil ruling, and the portrayal of the extremes people went to via protest to defend their religious beliefs. Now, to get Hollywood to make more movies like this

From a screenplay standpoint, it seems as if the film tried to tackle almost too much, and therefore never quite got the dramatic heft it needed out of its main plot line.

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At Home With Amy Sedaris. The fight of the Mexican people against the atheistic government during the Cristeros war. Written by Dos Corazones Films.

Shopbop Designer Fashion Brands. That said it doesn’t really take away from the enjoyment of the movie but I didn’t really feel the emotion that I think the filmmakers were trying for. Eva Longoria as Tulita Gorostieta.

Garcia is a great choice for this but he seems to play the character he played in “Godfather 3” or the Ocean’s movies but a Mexican soldier version and he came off a little too cocky, but like I said I don’t know the crisetros and the real guy may have been that way too. Rentals include 30 days to start watching this streamiing and 48 hours to finish once started.

Men will shoot bullets but God decides were they Land. The Motion Picture”, or streamng, a charming war epic, even though it should be much more than what it is. We need to re-ignite that same passion in our own lives and this tilm certainly inspires to that end.


I know nothing about the history or how accurate this is but I enjoyed it. Movies for learning virtues.

This historical drama about the little-known Cristero War in s Mexico is more educational than involving. It’s like being close to heaven. The story is impressive of the human spirit as we hop aboard an emotional roller-coaster ride from start to finish. Amazon Restaurants Food delivery from local restaurants. Bruce McGill as President Coolidge.

Available on Prime Story of a Soul. It is an inspirational film about those who were willing to die because of their love of Christ and his Church. The Kids Are Alright. Already have an account?

For Greater Glory takes what should have been an involving, even shocking hidden part of history and turns it into a needless epic Oct 18, Rating: The more hits I get the better. The Song Of Bernadette. All Americans should value their freedoms and the FIRST freedom our founding fathers made efforts to insure was the freedom to worship as one chooses and to live freely in accord with one’s faith.

The film gets to be histrionic, presenting unsubtle writing spots, made all the more glaring by Dean Wright’s storytelling, which, like Love’s script, isn’t bad, but blemishes atmosphere with delicacy limiting that sparks anything from a near-overbearing overemphasis on pro-Catholic overtones, to a mere thinning of genuineness.

Most people do not appear to have ever heard of it. In closing, a conceptually fitting runtime turns out to be sloppy, going achieved through an uneven story structure that offers both bloating – particularly when it comes to the subplot departments – and hurrying, thus diluting investment, which takes further damage from many generic tropes and sappy histrionics in writing that dilute subtlety, brought all but entirely to destruction by the superficial direction and overambition that makes this worthy project an underwhelming final product, though one that isn’t quite as sloppy as many say, as enough entertainment value – spawned from Dean Wright’s lively direction, James Horner’s decent score work and decent production value that particularly color up action – and intrigue – spawned from commendable performances by Andy Garcia and Mauricio Kuri, and the worthiness of this film’s subject matter – is formed to make “For Greater Glory”, or “Cristiada”, or “Overambition: Edit Did You Know?

I personally prefer the former title, because it makes this film sound like a superhero flick, especially when you see that one kind of corny poster in which the title in question hangs beneath Andy Garcia while he strikes a justice pose with no one else around, and find yourself walking into this film expecting a sequence in which Garcia blows away an anti-Catholic government resistance with laser vision, then flies up and places a knocked-over, giant Jesus statue back onto the roof of a Catholic church in “glorious” Get it?


The Scarlet And The Black. But other than those two, everyone else here is either subpar or God-awful; I’m talking about you Eva Longoria. Use the HTML below.

It may seem like I’m rambling but the movie was over 2 hours long and it felt it and some parts I found it hard to stay focused on but overall this is a good watch and in my opinion one of the best releases this week.

Log in with Facebook. This film attempts to chronicle the rise of the Cristeros, as well as the leader, Eruque Giristueta Velarde Garcia during this time.

As I had made mention of before, both Oscar Issac, who plays Vitoriano ‘El Catorce’ Ramirez, a Cristero soldier, and Ruben Blades, who plays President Plutarco Elias Calles with such a ferociousness, that he quickly becomes a villain you love to hate, are exceptional in this film. And even with its slightly better second half, “For Greater Glory” is srreaming filled with moments that while start off with very intriguing potential, are time and time again dragged back down by a far too simplistic dialogue.

Amazon Music Stream millions of songs. This film unfolds the hidden true story of ‘s Cristeros War.

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Long live Christ the King! We want to hear what you have to say but need to verify your account. Okay, disregarding, “Gone in 60 Seconds”, “What Dreams May Come” and [Oh, I’m goin’ down in a burnin’] “Reign of Fire”, Wright appears to have taste in projects, though could have made a smoother debut as a graduate from epic film visual effects departments to the level of epic filmmaker, because as decent as this film is, it’s far from as glorious as it, shreaming at least its title thinks it is, and for more than a few reasons.