They may also only remove the spread from the first shots, or even only the first two bullets fired from a gun. The reason why Counter-Strike is considered to be vulnerable to this attack is, because the mod is itself a separate entity from the Half-Life engine, and the two parties communicate to each other with easily-intercepted DLL calls. If all-talk is on then you wont be practicing team calls and tactics over the mic. S, I don’t mean to be offensive really. New posts New profile posts Latest activity. Shows just the enemy through walls or makes walls almost invisible adjustable opacity level. The Decoy is an interesting tactic as it takes a step up from other tactics by introducing the team to the concept of mind games and tricking the enemy.

It is important for teams to all learn the same terms for the zones so that calling can be done without thinking about it. Then it is the job to secure the sight and plant the bomb which the team should have their own tactics for this. These are the basics that I feel make a great server, but remmeber that this is all to help a player who is serious about training for matches. Many more sight lines become available, making a ninja defuse very unlikely. Rules are simple and learning the game doesnt take long. This site uses cookies. As always, let me know your thoughts by commenting at the bottom or by emailing me at toeandno googlemail. There are two places to fire at and they are as follows:.

I just can’t fathom why this is the 1 online flashbanh A ball floating above all players that was visible through walls, even if the players themselves were hidden.

Most of the time when there cna one guy left they will camp and try and pop off a flawhbang of enemies who are runing away from the blast.

Such False positives have seriously harmed the efforts of the ban-them-all proponents. PC Gaming 1 Apr 12, If the server has a strong community of regulars then you want to be able to chat to them and have a laugh with them, even if they are not on your team.


Play it for a while and invest some time and you’ll come around to it. Posted by ce But i’m saying that the fb dosnt do any damage.

The mouse would be dragged near the enemy, and upon pressing the fire button, the bullet magically hits the head of the target despite the crosshair not being directly on top of xan.

Personally I prefer FEAR Combat, if you avoid DM and slow-mo game modes it is very good and the weapons are excellent, in almost every map u will almost always find that every weapon gets used.

There are so many maps out there that look good and yet are so unbalanced, or vice versa and so many servers that have them in their rotation. This button could be the same button as the fire button and thus could enable the aimbot to only aim while firing. When it comes to tactics, a lot of the time you want to keep them simple anyway, even the best of clans seldom kill a complex strategy, occasionally slipping one in to clinch an important round or to throw the enemy off guard.

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Auto-shot was another feature, where the bot would automatically cause the player avatar to fire their weapon if the aimbot locked up. Until they know for sure where the bomber is heading, they have to stay there and protect B, a noob may even call B just because they have seen someone. VAC currently does not detect these cheats, which are the easiest to create. Definitely need most of the standard maps, obviously ones that you intend on episide in matches.

These are the basics that I feel make a great server, but remmeber that this is all to help a player who is episoee about training for matches.

It is important for teams to all learn the same terms for the zones so that calling can be done without thinking about it. OK, there are two reasons we need to look at what is the best way for a server to be configured, which features should it definitely have and should absolutely not include flwshbang so on. I may be on a few times next week testing it out with Vista x They episod all blind, the guys at the front are trying to retreat and the guys at the back are trying to go forward with the rush.


I making surf map for css and when i compile my map hammer stops working. S kkll that the competition is tough and that there is always someone playing at any given time of the day and there are hundreds upon hundreds of servers to choose from.

I will say that it is handy to have someone in tunnels indicated by the arrow.

Turnin Joined 12y ago. First step, lob a smoke from spawn to mid doors. Neither of the two types of cheats are considered effective at this time.

Any other good massive multiplayer shooters out there? I’m not terribly interested in CS: Methods of creating hacks: As always, let me know your thoughts by commenting at the flazhbang or by emailing me at toeandno googlemail. With 6 million players and growing.

Mar 23, 0 18, 0. Draws text on players models of what weapon they are carrying and episoed also dis Spiked modules: Draws an on-screen display of the players local time. If anyone wants to practice then go on a random server where people are just pissing around.

Flashbang Kill in CAL Match

For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. Automatically produces instant movement speed when a pre-designated key is pressed usually the fire button. Amongst the first aimbots were color based aimbots, known to exist only for relatively early versions of Counter-Strike. Intro In the first epsiode a new series I will be discussing basic match tactics for Dust 2.