It is always a melan- choly procedure to start a journey at that dark, mys- terious time when the day gives place to the first hour of a new morning, with all its unknown perils and possibilities. Simon of Cyrene on another hill, he toiled up the slopes beneath the burning sun, carrying the wood upon his broad, willing shoulders. Gathered on the shore, more smiling natives, their dark tresses adorned by many-coloured flowers, stood awaiting them with garlands in their hands. Wist ye not that I must be about My Father’s business? Here they were instructed in useful arts, the girls being taught needlework and similar useful employments, the boys tasks more suited to their hands. Archived from the original on 13 July

Please provide a valid price range. Lovely and pleasant in their lives, surely in death these two are not far divided. Their plaintive cries added still more to the horrors of the night. Peter Damian, or of Damian, Cardinal Bishop of Ostia, died February 23rd, , and who cherished in his disciples the spirit of solitude, charity, and humility, combined with great mortification. On some of Molokai’s unkind days, when an intense air- lessness and oppression lay upon the land, the poor young Padre’s sufferings must have been terrible. List of American saints and beatified people List of American saints. He led it until his death in

A little later they encountered another storm of twenty-four hours’ duration.

A letter written to his father and mother while in the college at Braine-le-Comte is typical of these marked traits in his character: Kahuila got a lawyer and demanded investigation of Damien.

Do they really exist? Often Damien must have felt desperately lonely, yet one is never less alone than when alone with God, and those hours in the steaming heat, surrounded by the overwhelming activities of Nature, taught him afresh the lesson of dependence upon his Lord.

Let it be said at once that, although this sounds a very frugal repast, it was not the dry bread and margarine of modern youth, but slices from long, crisp rolls, spread with real dairy butter. This thought became a conviction when the sisters organized a meeting in my parish, where I met sr. Before beginning his work as a missionary it was necessary that he should be ordained to the Priesthood, being as yet in Deacon’s Orders.

But to an eager youth on the threshold of life these things give but an added zest as he views the work set before him, the trampling down of these deeds of the Devil in the name of his Lord. Growing up on the farm, Jozef was prepared to take over for his family, but he did not want the responsibility.


Joseph de Veuster was not so soon to yield up his precious life.

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It was a strange, picturesque life the young Priest led as he hacked his way through the tropical forests, grim, silent, and terrible, where Nature produces herself in titanic growths of huge trees wreathed with flowers, with ferns re than twice the height of a man, and every yard a tangle of vegetation for his tired feet.

Damian’s Altar was once more sheltered by worthy surroundings. Certainly trying for the mission- ary, but not so alarming as the experience of his brother of those days working in Borneo, who, on receiving an invitation to a banquet, might dis- cover somebody’s head acting as a table-centre for the feast.

His thoughts 68 DAMIEN OF MOLOKAI on that first veustfr seem almost too sacred for analysis fikm as he kneels there alone, with the flickering moon- light playing over veyster young figure and clasped hands, memory brings to mind the thought of another Figure kneeling in the light of the same moon beneath the olive-trees in dark Gethsemane, ere at the same age he faced His own bitter Passion.

His letters must have brought strange, exotic scenes into the old farmhouse and quiet convent pic- tures of scenery wild and lovely beneath the tropical sun ; of surf-riding on the great Pacific rollers, with the sound of music on sea and shore ; of torchlight fishing beneath the opal moon ; of bathers gaily singing in the starlight.

I was besides a little suspicious of Catholic testimony; in no ill sense, but merely because Damien’s admirers and disciples were the least likely to be critical. The thought of those already suffering the horrors of the leper island, doomed in this world never again to see the faces of those they loved, haunted the young man’s mind by day and night.

Vincent was a man like us who encountered the same Risen Lord Jesus whom we have encountered.

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He had been appointed Sacristan for the voyage, and spent much time each day pre- paring the improvised Altar. At his arrival he spoke to the assembled lepers as “one who will be a father to you, and who loves you so much that he does not hesitate to become one of you; to live and die with you”.

Anthony were being escorted home to supper and to bed. That sentence struck me a lot and I still remember it with love. To the anguish of separation was added the knowledge that the Government was not prepared to incur expense, not even the provision of dwelling houses, so that existence would be maintained in conditions of direst misery. The bread and butter consumed to the last crumb, each child again knelt upon the grass, entirely devoted to prayer and devotion until the shadows lengthened and the gold and crimson glory of the sunset HOME INFLUENCE 7 penetrated even the thickness of the trees.


However, he was not considered unintelligent. Some had a little money, and were thus able to do their share by buying the services of their poorer brethren.

An opportunity seemed to present itself when news came from home saying that one of his sisters had made her Profession as a nun, so that Joseph, in reply, asked whether it would be possible for him to follow his brother Augustus, now known as Father Pamphile, into the Congregation of the Sacred Hearts of Jesus and Mary at Louvain, often called the Picpus Fathers, from the name of their House in the Faubourg St.

If you will be kind enough to allow it, I will go to Molokai and labour for veusyer poor lepers, whose wretched state of bodily and spiritual misfor- tune has often made my heart bleed within me.

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It’s a little awkward to ask, but we need your help. One thing is certain of -that long night’s vigil – that Damien’s courage did not utterly fail him, even though, with the increased weariness which the night hours bring to a tortured soul, the horrors he had witnessed passed through his mind, yet, noble example of that brave little race whose country for so many centuries has been the cockpit of Europe, he did not shrink from his self-imposed task. Damien of Molokai, was born in rural Belgium, on January 3, His terrified companions, seeing him lie partly stunned, with his little face hidden in the white road, believed him to be dead, and ran hurriedly back to the farmhouse, telling his mother he had been run over.

It was transported aboard the Belgian ship Mercator.

Yet I am strangely deceived, or they build up the image of a man, with all his weakness, essentially heroic, and alive with rugged honesty, generosity, and mirth. You must be logged in to post a comment.