Aired on Jul 17, Dance Mom Leslie is back and will stop at nothing until her daughter gets a solo. Regardless of what she was hoping for, there was so much black in my face that I thought my television shut off for a second. And they were fighting so much in a place that I thought that they would have had enough sense to be classy and calm and collected. Has anyone seen her actually dance in two seasons? I can’t wait to watch Dance Moms again next season, and to catch up with Dance Moms Miami, ’cause it’s already bomb. Apparently thinking that the straw iParty hat would allow her to more easily blend in with the locals, Jill was looking like that person we all worked with who always dressed up for Theme Day. Maddie gets on stage and forgets her routine, freaks out, runs off the stage. It was Dance Moms Overload this week…somebody help me.

Not only did Abby make them go to the Joffrey audition, but she also made them prepare all these routines for this big competition. Abby cried because Maddie forgot her stuff. So you can buy rings like this. All the Moms were a little concerned about the amount of practicing that the girls were going to have to endure. You never know, Abby pointed out. Abby has to come to terms with Chloe’s growing success. Congratulations to the happy couple. Safety hazard, I tell you.

Cathy and her League of Coupon Clippers Gone Bad all showed up and had to be crammed into the same tight hallway that Abby dancd about other random, nameless dancers were located. Create a profile to save your place.

Bad memories, I guess. For every light in Times Square…blah to the blah to the blah.

For every light in Times Square…blah to the blah to the blah. When all the Moms took their kids and their Vera Bradley bags and stormed out the front door, Abby called them White Trash. Aired on Jul 10, Abby and the seasin are out for revenge when they go against Cathy and her Candy Apples for the first time this competition season.


Probably searching Bing for new dance teachers, but whatever. Maddie was on the top. That thing could cut off your light source. Lay around and have people carry you to where you need to be.

Edit Cast Episode credited cast: S 2 E 20 Guess Who’s Back? But Jeanette Cota got to come out and anbygeddon at Abby, so it was kind of the same thing. We know them all by now, right?

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David even kissed Kalani elisode the head. From knock-out performances to Green Book scooping up the night’s top prize, relive the best moments from this year’s Oscars.

Does anyone else on the show remember that? Before you know it…Dance Moms will be back again. Rising Star Game Download Now. She was also taking heat from all the Moms over her ongoing favoritism.

Take the criticism and shut up. Cathy holds a big open audition to supplement her Candy Apples. So much so that the Joffrey Cow Guy had to come out and bitch slap a few Moms until they shut up. Joffrey and most likely any cab drivers down on the street level. S 2 E 27 Reunion: Imagine being in a bunker during War time with someone from the enemy side and not being able to blow their brains out with your Uzi. Off the Dance Floor, Part 1 Aired on Sep 18, After the most tumultuous dance competition season ever, Abby and the Dance Moms reunite on stage to set the record straight.

Will the Candy Apples finally beat Abby and her National title-holders? But some crazy stuff happened this week. Probably searching Bing for new dance teachers, but whatever. Just like on Ellen or something. It gives students who might never otherwise have the chance, to see how professionally they do things in the Big City. Potential disaster then arrives when Cathy and her Candy Apples crash the recital.


She got taller again this week and her eyes seemed even closer together.

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And I couldn’t believe that she would go so far as to cry and leave the competition. Edit Storyline The girls are off to audition for the Joffrey Ballet, each girl is determined to win the scholarship but only one will win.

If that’s not enough pressure Abby is also sending the girls to compete at Starbound which the girls are their national champions in both group and soloists Maddie is really feeling the pressure and really messes things up — Abby also faces the wrath of the other dance moms because of her reaction to Maddie’s mistake.

Start your free trial. Start them out in a long, overcrowded hallway. And there were a lot of stores on Fifth Avenue that they needed to check out. S 2 E 14 The Battle Begins Aired on Jun 05, At their last competition, Abby ran and left the moms and the girls at the show after Maddie froze on stage and they lost the group number to the Candy Apples.

Who noshes on a slice of pepperoni during auditions at the Joffrey? Joffrey contained himself enough to not slap the spaz right out of Cathy.