You don’t know what kids do. But baby she was wrong for that “summer fling” song with that 40 man in head wrap. Maybe he got some allergies? What you wanna talk about? Got your boyfriend wearing his championship rings. I should have stayed home too. Nat was it me or was they the funniest acting “friends” you ever seen?

Siov sys they cheated.. Thats a real epidemic. Who is the mother of Trinity Bosh. I’m talking about Victoria daughter and I can’t stand that mistress either. What you wanna talk about? The best line was when she said how desperate I am to be sleeping with another woman’s husband.. They can have a dry cough and be like.

My response to her and my boss But the Bish take em to go get flu shots every year. You can’t get mad when Olivia Pope sleeps with a black man, but tuned in to watch Erica Kane make a career out of it on All My Children.

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Before he became President. Even when she was a little more than thick in Sparkle.


I wonder if she is in a traditional school now. Nat was it me or was they the funniest acting “friends” you ever seen?

In Case You Missed It: Being Mary Jane, Episode 3

And you gotta watch now. He know somebody – and that is prolly how it is going to get out.

And still aint saying what I want them to say. Okay now lemme watch Those young ones always get away with shyt. Its still on TV for a reason. Even Castro lets his subjects eat cake every now and then.

I tried to tell him he is so lost. Who is going to want me like this???? A single Black woman?

San ah make ya dance seaeon Video courtesy of DDotOmen. You said they were beautiful! Got her dinner plates out there tombout mud pies. I can’t believe she admitted that As far as Sex And The City One of my bros will NOT watch Scandal because he cant stand that they have a black woman playing the mistress to the yt President. Jenie I took it as him relating it to black and white. They must have gotten her a tutor bc I can recall on and park she didnt know the word congratulate‚Ķ.


Being Mary Jane Season 3 Episode 3

The real question should be this: Saw episoe twerk vid on the tube Shawty swang my wayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy Shole look goodt to meh So wouldja please swang my wayyyyyyyyyy? Little snot, no coughing. I told Lizabeth she gave me this cold, little snotty nosed ass.

I saw that and felt bad for her. I aint watched not nah episode. Hell folks didn’t like Todd Manning on One life to live Lawd it feels good to have a team that wins their games. I heard that prayer works better if you come before as you came into this world. Dpisode think a tutor might have been the initial problem imo.