Nisha meets Rakesh’s father-in-law. Meenal and Reshma come to Rakesh’s place. Reshma’s friends tell Rakesh that they are there to help Reshma. Ana too tells Reshma that she feels secure in the house. He asks Rakesh to let Reshma stay with him for a day. Aashutosh comes back to Rakesh’s residence and threatens him. Reshma’s father comes to the house and meets Reshma and Rakesh.

He accuses Reshma for stealing the watch. Later Reshma tells Meenal that she is going to leave the room. Nisha hands over Reshma’s wedding ring to her. No matter how bad the situation is they always stand by each other. Sujay tells Aashutosh that in the evening he would surprise Ana by bringing her parents to the room. They meet Nisha – Rakesh’s girlfriend. Meenal comes to Reshma and tells her that the roommates are trustworthy and she need not worry much.

Ana spreads the news to all the roommates.

Dil Dosti Duniyadari Full Episode

Each day brings about a new set of fun-filled expeditions for them. They meet Nisha – Rakesh’s girlfriend.

And when destiny brings them together, it becomes a mad man’s world to live in! Sujay overloads the washing machine with clothes of his roommates.

Dil Dosti Duniyadaari

All roomies start wondering about the new person. Sujay asks his tenants to pay the monthly rent. Next morning Meenal, Sujay and Aashutosh find Kaivalya slumbering on the bed. Ana comes to the house. Reshma and Rakesh come to see off Reshma’s father on the railway station. The roomies ridicule Reshma duniiyadari Ana in a lighthearted manner.


Will Rakesh allow Reshma to stay with him at his house? Kaivalya comes near Sujay to elisode his newly bought synthesizer. Meenal asks Nisha the reason for staying with Rakesh despite him being married to Reshma. Out of frustration, Reshma tells them that she wish to die.

Dil Dosti Duniyadaari – Episode 240 – December 14, 2015 – Best Scene

Reshma’s friends tell Rakesh that they are there to help Reshma. The boys explain Reshma importance of life and ask her a promise to never cry in the future.

Sujay disallows Kaivalya to sit and disturb him. Rakesh informs Reshma about his relationship with his girlfriend Nisha. Has Reshma really stolen the watch? Rakesh suggests her to take divorce from him and marry another person. Meenal wonders about the sudden change in Rakesh’s behavior.

Frightened Rakesh calls Reshma back to his house. All of them have come to Mumbai with a reason of their own. Will Ana’s parents grace the occasion with their presence? Excited Aashutosh tells his roommates that today his beloved Kinjal is going to duniysdari him. Reshma’s father comes to the house and meets Reshma and Rakesh.

On her way to Mumbai, Reshma encounters 3 strange passengers; Kaivalya, Aashutosh and Sujay in the train. Aashutosh intrudes in the doxti. Kaivalya tells Ana that a decemver member would share the room with them. Rakesh tells Reshma that he neither can attend Reva’s marriage nor he can help her.


These 6 individuals have now found family away from family. Meenal, Anna, ReshmaSujay, Kaivalya and Aashutosh not only share the same flat but also share their lives with each other. Reshma tells him that she has only two thousand rupees. Sujay and Kaivalya tells Meenal that Rakesh would behave so only till he gets divorce from Reshma. Later, Sujay asks Aashutosh if he is ready with his proposal speech. Meenal asks Rakesh to come to the room every week to talk to Reshma’s father on phone.

The roommates enjoy the washing and starts singing aloud. Will Aashutosh be able to propose Kinjal? Will the decembwr pull Sujay as well to wash clothes? He asks Rakesh to let Reshma stay with him for a day. On the other hand, Meenal requests Reshma to not leave the fpisode. Existing Premium Users, Click here to login.