Pearl Jam is his favorite band. The Stick Of Truth”. Up Here On My Tree”. Showing the carpet design and working on he next level Making a wheat farm Discussing emeralds as currency on the server Making a multi-level wheat farm. Collecting spiderwebs Finding Nether quartz Making an automatic chicken farm. See Slaying the Wither.

Trekking and finding a plains biome with many horses, mules and donkeys Taming two wolves on the way, and many of the horses upon arrival Naming a mule ” Spinner ” after spinner for “crazy guy” in German and another one Schnitzel after the fried meat. This is his shop where he sells products from his witch farm and villager trading. Wrath of the Fallen. Showing the carpet design and working on he next level Making a wheat farm Discussing emeralds as currency on the server Making a multi-level wheat farm. This page has been accessed 5, times. Discussing plans with Anderz Exploring a mineshaft and caving for resources.

Working on setting up a chicken farm Discussing what to look for when choosing a network and negotiating a contract Staving off starvation. Pearl Jam is his favorite band. Doc speaks German natively, and learned English during his schooling. Working on a pagoda style roof Talking about sights to see in Paris. Talking about Feed the Beast v. This is his shop where he sells products from his witch farm and villager trading.

Mindcrack Minecraft SMP – Caught In The Infinite Loop of Death – Episode 5 – Season 4

Caving Looking for his horse Demonstrating an xray technique with snow layers Dying multiple times in a row after his hut is invaded by zombies. Talking about the YouTube view glitch Blending the chicken farm into the jungle. Utilizing and modifying the 1.

Announcing the server reset and that this episode would be his final on that particular map Showing various builds, including the mule breeder, the tree house base, Playing King of the Ladder in kurtmac ‘s Missile Silo against EthoBdoubleO and Zisteau Setting his tree cocm77 on fire Getting caught in the flames and dying as the episode ends. Please use the talk page for contact. The Stick of Truth.


A tour of Ander’s place Discussing mob traps. Working on the treehouse Relocating the nether portal.

Featuring BiffaKeralis1 and Xisuma. Naming and capturing a witch for his zombie villager purifier Pranking Anderz with Arkas, building a giant rabbit for Snuggles’ death.

Please use the talk page for contact.

Talking about what he’s done on the server and what he plans to do Touring his base. Stalking and attacking BdoubleO during his livestream because the Midcrack and Etho wanted move his portal Talking about the planned fight Removing woodpeckers. Mentioning having done a prank and discussing upcoming changes in 1. Discussing what happened in UHC 8 Continuing to work on his hanging bridge and storage area Talking about his experience at Gamescon. Talking about MineCon and telling the story of the after-party Working sseason the iron column farm.

Doc also made Doc Shop at spawn.

Docm77/videos – The Unofficial Fan-Run MindCrack and HermitCraft Wiki

Harvesting ice Discussing YouTube as a career and announcing that he now makes videos full time Planning for the track to the ice try and talking about upcoming videos.

Testing the pig farm Caving and collecting jungle wood Discussing music and telling mndcrack story of the first concert he attended.

Mindcrack Feed the Beast Modded multiplayer. Discovering Anders prank of ice and snowmen friends Speed cleaning up Discussing streaming his hunt for seeds and Tekit LP. Doc in May Cleaning up the area around seson treehouse Discussing peoples perception of his World Tour Working on a pumpkin farm. Doc’s favorite color is green.

Views Read Edit View history. Meeting up odcm77 Etho for a prank on Guude Not in playlist. Talking about livestreaming, video comments, Dear Doc Boat diving into the arena and walking through Spawn. In DecemberDoc announced that he had taken up YouTube as a full-time mindcrwck. Trying to trap a zombie villager Footage from the Slaying the Wither. Exploring, in search of a horse, and stumbling across a half-spawned desert temple Explaining how he was trolled by other MindCrackers into falling for a minecart glitch that kicked him from the server until his.


Building and harvesting coco bean farm How to place buttons on dispensers. Searching for a place to live Found the ‘Cheaty cave’ by using a chuck error Builds shelter at a jungle biome. The Big Flood – Episode 61 – Season 4″. Shows ocelot and several doc,77 Opens Zisteanian care package Explores the Cheaty cave Adds signs and stairs to the cave. Caving Discussing MineCon and the trouble getting tickets Working on the storage room facade and floor Gathering glowstone and docm777 through a Nether portal to a mushroom biome.

Caving Fighting mobs in search of carrots Riding the pig. Views Read Edit View history. This page was last modified on 20 Septemberat Finding the jungle trees mcgamer left and removing them and woodpeckers Talking about mods and FTB Looking at the Nether Hub expansion Peaking at Christmas presents and 44 some to other members. He supports Bayern Munich. Little Bugger – Episode 11 – Season 4″. Wither Boss Battle Special”. Discussing design options for one of the rooms in his treehouse Speed shearing sheep at Zisteau’s Testing ssason colors for the treehouse floor Discussing the seed hunt for The Mindcraft World Tour.

Suit from the Etho v.