Suey was born like that because it was her will! Asy , May 11, I am so disappointed with ending. End of Episode Share this post: Scary cougar surprises her prey at his workplace! Then in the middle of their ceremony, a pair of legs walked through the door… those legs belonged to Peekyakamon. Among the younger crowd are leading actresses such as Usamanee Waitayanon and Khemanit “Pancake” Jamikorn who have continued to grab ratings despite their ongoing feud.

This article needs additional citations for verification. I want to tell you that I miss you so much and wish that you will come back to me. Each series incorporates various dramatic elements such as horror or comedic sub-plots. Pom is hurt but okay, but is in police custody. Why does she agree to marry Ausanai though she is going to be a nun? Ausanai is then reminded of the painful and fun times they had together. A rare censorship appeared in Talay Rissaya when a character’s throat got slit with blood everywhere.

Some series are subject to a rating. Photo captured from Youtube The story starts off with the end of a school day for school kids.

In the canoe do, the moonlight….

Dok Soke Episode 11 Caps COMPLETED!

Thai audiences seem to like their leads young and beautiful and many past female daras have disappeared from the screen once they reach the age of 30 or so. Why did I even bother capping this mess of a lakorn??? Thai lakorn were banned in early— Oo asked suey to help bail out her daddy.

It looks like Pom stole the bike from the shop that he works for. I want you to do everything possible to bring her back! T he grandpa is a dumb ass to not see who is conniving and who is not.


When internationally broadcast, the eposode time is around 45 min. So Ausanai ends up taking peekyamon on the canoe. You must log in or sign up to reply here. I do sole blame you. She smiles and closes the door behind her. Media in Thailand Television genres. To add spice to older themes, producers add supplementary sex, violence, and vulgarity.

The creepy part is to fall in love with a guy that had a romantic past wth your mom.

Dok Soke Epi. 6 Caps COMPLETED!

He then takles Soke and threatens to hurt her. This was a shoe that I actually started watching with my mom, and it was dubbed in Vietnamese so we could watch it together. So it’s something out of the topic yet something that I want to share. At least one critic [10] contends that the recent [10] political problems in Thailand may be at least partially attributable to the negative influence of soap operas, surmising that it is the disregard of common sense and common human wisdom that causes people to shy away from thinking critically and, as a result, becoming prone to manipulation.

Drunkard beats his wifedemanding to have soke be sent off for pay day. Drunkard beats his wife and acts like your typical wife beater. What a pity to have the drama ending this way. Thanks you for recapping.

Is that girl your daughter. Furthermore the man is ur mom ex… oh gossshhhhh. Image Captured from youtube Somjai digs in her small box of jewels to find the necklace she kept for Soke all these years.


It was called the most beautiful series of the year. The rich male has since evolved into businessmen from influential families.

I know right, Tina! It was their last draw. She looks cute nonetheless.

Sooke change mirrors the change in Thai society with the upper class now filled with business people and not so much from the royal and noble classes. He tries to get her to leave, but she teases him and talks him into taking her out tonight. Thank you thank you.

Soke humbly takes the food and rushes home and serves it to some adults who were still sleeping… A man kinda sounded drunk too, I might add.

Both of the younger guys are pretty cute Asannee goes home xok was very impressed and compelled by that little girl.

Dok Soke Episode 1 Caps COMPLETED!

I felt bad for Khun Nai this episode. Due to their behavior it is rumored that executives for channel 7, such as Khun Daeng, have called for the women to be disciplined.

Like you i was WHAT? Just when the driver calls a kid over, Dok Soke was nearby. She walked towards the couple and stood before them.

This is how the drama end?