Welcome, Login to your account. He again advocates for urmi, as he loves her for years, and he respects her. A voice asks her to stop. A password will be e-mailed to you. Gaurav understands that is why Samrat was in Mumbai. He says that he doesnt have a hearing, and henc thought he would spend time with his family. PIYA 28th Jan –

Leila 29th Jan – 2: Urmi is packing her bags. He taunts her asking, who would repay the money back, her father. The waiter says that nothing like this has happened. Meanwhile, in her room, shashi locks the bathroom, and tries different positions lying on the bathroom floor, and seeing which best convinces them. Samrat turns around and is shocked to find urmi standing there. He says that he and ishaan would go, anbd thats a good descision too.

By Rimjhim On Jan 28, But kanchan says that some work can be done only by the ladies, and he wont be able to do this.

He says that he wont spare her, and begins to strangulate her, while sanaya tries to keep them away. He keeps getting impatient. Samrat turns around and is shocked to find urmi standing there. She says that being the elder brother, he can tell urmi to stay away from her son. Parents butt janury they are grown adults.


He says that he felt like it and said, but doesnt need justifications, as he knows what and why all this is happening. They take one of the recliners by the beackside, while urmi hopes that she finds one way to locate them.

He says that urmi didnt have intentions like that. Sanaya asks if they know each other. He agrees to help ishaan.

Shashi janyary them and is fuming. Urmi and ishaan asks her not to worry, as they would handle everything. He asks whats the important thing that she wanted to talk to urmi. She leaves, while gaurav is angry but doesnt say anything.

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She needs to save Sanaya from him. His dad warns him that they will never make Urmi their daughter in law. Writfen really takes a lot of ignorance — to ask your daughter to ut up with a wife beater to save your own reputation. Damini finds ishaan tensed in his room, and comes and sits beside him. He asks sanay to look in his eyes, and ignore urmi, and asks if she thinks he can betray her. januray

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The doctor says that she would need long bed rest, and prescribes some painkillers, and asks them to contact her, if the case worsens. Sanaya comes there and asks for her phone.


Sandhya continues to put fuel into fire. She remembers Sanaya mentioned a beach. He says that he knows urmi more than her, as she armaanno gone through a lot, and still composed her, and hence he looks ajnuary her. Ishaan leaves to meet urmi. Sign in Recover your password. He again advocates for urmi, as he loves her for years, and he respects her. He is about to destroy another woman. Shashi again goes on her rant about the condiiton of the house. She starts getting disheartened.

Later, urmi asks gaurav on the phone, that she tried everything but wrmaano get any info on them. Samrat and Sanaya are partying. The next morning, she starts surfing through Goa hotels, asking people, if they have seen either Sanaya or Samrat, but in vain.