Eugene is the abused child. Through sheer personality, she elevates her status by having herself picked as a palace servant. Watch ‘ Dong Yi ‘ with our fast and smooth mobile player, optimized for your phone and tablet. Kim Hye Sun Supporting Cast. Hangeul was created to give Korea it’s own language and also to make it so that everyone could read and write, but the aristocrats didn’t like this and felt threatened. Queen Jang Hee-bin actress Lee So-yeon. You will receive a link to create a new password via email. For Dong Yi of which I am a big fan, I do not support the extension to be 10 episodes, 5 or 6 episodes will do just fine.

And countries like north korea tries to resist the probe of western power, sorry if this is offensive. Another way to look at it, the shows are typically planned with ish episodes in mind, but they go with 50 episodes to protect their investment. Btw I was looking at their naver blog and it said they had a lot of NGs. Choi Jae Ho Supporting Cast. I know many of you will be happy with those spoilers since it seems Shim Un-taek is going to meet the king. I generally oppose extensions and cuts on principle, but I think Dong Yi might benefit from some extra episodes, given the amount of story points they have left to cover.

Choi Ha Na Supporting Cast. However as long it did not kill the excitement and storyline, it is alright. I’m definitely going to watch it again on TV!

Ascending the throne at the tender age of 14, he grows into a charismatic and excellent leader. KBS2’s heavily revamped their programming with makjangs and SBS-style event dramas the past year, and it’s paid off handsomely.

Ji Jin Hee Main Cast. Already have an account? Sign of the Heavens Team. Kang Yoo Mi Supporting Cast. I also feel that the directors do not give the audience any credit for understanding what is going on in the story.

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I’ve skimmed pretty much all the spoilers and will vong watch the raws later today after work, ahaha. Quality is quite high as well.


Also, I believe Sejong the king credited with creating Hangeul was the fourth king, not the second. Anyway hangul is not popular in Joseon dynasty, only widespread in modern korea. Lee Hyung Suk Supporting Cast. This is all part of the licensing agreement those two sites have with the Korean media companies.

Dong Yi, who is featured as being so brilliant, is so stupid at times Like the time she is running for her LIFE and she stops to mumble a prayer to her father and brother. It was so funny seeing the king’s expression when Dong Yi steps on his back to climb over a wall! Hey all Dong Yi lovers, episode 31 summary is up at Jackie’s Dramatomy.

This period drama and that of Yi San seemed to have done away with the bee-hive hairdo for women. Please encourage them by leaving a comment below!

After her father and brother were executed for crimes that they did not commit, she becomes orphaned at a young age. She is much beloved by King Sook-jong but the Queen Mother detested her and dramacrazzy her exiled from the palace.

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That would give Dong Yi an extra month on the air, pushing the finale broadcast from the from September 7 to October The episode historical drama is looking at a episode extension, according to a source with MBC. Jung Eun Pyo Supporting Cast. Conflicts between the two factions without Jang Hee-bin wont be half dramacrrazy interesting, just like QSD without Mishil in the last 12 episodes.

Lee Hyung Suk Supporting Cast.

I’d hate to see crucial stuff get rushed after they spent so much time embelishing the early parts of the story. The story line isn’t too slow or boring. Another iy to look at it, the shows are typically planned with ish episodes in mind, but they go with 50 episodes to protect their investment. Dramacrrazy not gonna cry over it if they don’t but their ratings are doing every well despite lil advertisement so I wouldn’t be surprised if it gets extended.


Episode 41

Jung Jin Young Supporting Cast. Im loooving Baker King at the moment, its fast paced and is an exciting story.

But evidently, Confucianism teaching had its short coming and that is strong emphasis on capacity social class: I don’t think the main guy in Baker king over acts. I think that is why a Queen role is always need in the imperial family and the queen is the head of the house in this case the internal affairs.

All those flashbacks that serve no purpose yes, I do in fact remember the conversation that occured ten seconds draacrazy or earlier in the episode can go, and so can needless subplots for example, that oh-so hilarious artist in Yi San was excruciatingly boring and irrelevant to the story, not to mention redundant since Cho-bi was already there providing actually funny comic relief. By firstnadya Started July 7, Great quality and she has subbed a few historical dramas before like Yisan etc.

To semi-fly Can I request for ep39 p? Because of Dongyi, I started to read on the history of Joseon Dynasty. I’m still at episode 42 and can’t wait to watch the other episodes!

For example with Dong Yi. Jung Jin Young Supporting Cast. Baker King’s my fav tis season. Yii Dong Yoon Supporting Cast. All of these complaints about extending Dong Yi.

But man, 60 episodes is a lot even if other historical dramas have done episodes. It is conversely true, as unproductive yangban blokes squander their time wasted on frivolous matters.