Jung Sung Yoon Supporting Cast. Now for more bad news. Instead of a day birthday party for the prince, DY wants to use the money to open a welfare office for the poor. Things are getting worse and worse. Sign of the Heavens Team. Jung Ki Sung Supporting Cast. Min Joon Hyun Supporting Cast. Lee Jung Hoon Supporting Cast.

Gaedura and his team have followed Lord Oh thinking he is trying to run away, but they are shocked when they see him murdered. DY has had a son and the King spends every spare moment he has with her and the baby. Jung In Ki Supporting Cast. Finally Queen Inhyeon returns to the palace. He knows who she is…. First he goes to see Gaedura who is locked up in a cell and will be executed.

She tells the King that she and her mother knew nothing until now and again she makes herself and her mother appear the victims!

The Namin faction support her and lobby the King proclaiming her innocence. Kwon Min Supporting Cast. JOJ sees an opportunity and resorts to negotiating with the King: DY and Chun Soo have to find out if the geomgye really has reformed. Kim Hye Jin Supporting Cast. Log in with Email. Then the head of the welfare office is found murdered and the geomgye are blamed for the crime. The next day he vows never to go back but later hears that she is pregnant.


Gaedura and his team have followed Lord Oh thinking he is trying to run away, but they are shocked when they see him murdered. JHJ and his accomplices are tortured.

Then she wants DY dead! Jung Dong Hwan Supporting Cast. She can spin anything for her own gain!

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Things are getting worse and worse. The King falls for this and the baddies are invited back. He pays a secret visit to JOJ who reveals that his father was murdered by Lord Oh and the Namin faction and not by the gyeomgye after all.

All the mwatchpad are blocked by guards as Lord Jang is determined to find him.

Dong Yi carries out ancestral rites for her father and brother. DY sneaks out of the palace and in a panic the Nywatchpad chases after her thinking she has run away. DY has been working day and night to work out what the hand signals mean that JOJ and the dead official used. Mywqtchpad King realises that he has no idea what is going on in his country and that the officials have not been honest about the situation.

Choi Jong Hwan Supporting Cast. The plans go ahead and she goes incognito to help dish out the food.

Meanwhile Chun Soo goes back to the Banchon slave village and discovers that the geomgye HAVE regrouped and are having a meeting in the old cave. Again she has predicted everything — she knows the protocol at the palace. Cast – Dong Yi.


But he gets what he deserves because just as he had the leaders of ti own party murdered so that he could move up, now the same thing has happened to him! Sir Shim is tied up in barn. Jung Ki Sung Supporting Cast.

The King has no choice but to officially vow never to see her again. Park Jung Soo Supporting Cast.

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You can subtitle on Viki and be part of the community too! Chief Seo just closes his eyes when he hears the news that the book is gone.

He sends his guards to round up the geomgye members. They also insist she be handed over to them for yj Jung Eun Pyo Supporting Cast. But Chun Soo tells him the truth — that he simply admitted it to protect Chief Seo.