I just want all of the cards on the table so that she can decide how SHE feels. I refuse to give up on Jung-hwan!! Miranda January 10, at 8: Mom is so cute about having made his favorite dish, and Jung-hwan laughs into his pillow. I’m TeamTaek and have been since day one. But is that really a joke? Tera January 10, at 8:

We know for a fact the Taek doesn’t like interviews, but we know based on Jung-hwan’s personality that he isn’t the type to like interviews either. No brooding shower scene for Jungpal? And again, DS isn’t a prize who gets handed out to the most needy or worthy, but holy crap who else is going to have the patience and take the time to really get to know Taek and understand he’s worth marrying? I am on JH’s team. She’ll pick it up and give it back. Let the frustration begins.

I hope it is happens for real next week. Orr he confessed his feelings to DS and DS turned him down so that’s why she kept on turning to the door during JH confession I was also confused with the way Deok-sun kept looking at the pager and the door. I still dramacolo like she only noticed JH when her friends pointed it out.

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He’s the cutest puppy epjsode. SonyaK January 10, at 8: D Prepare your self to cry or smile? In the morning, Deok-sun heads out just a few seconds ahead of Jung-hwan and they miss each other on the street, and then again as Jung-hwan drives by and Deok-sun looks down at her watch.

I felt sad for JH especially with that confession but I think he seriously has had far too many dramacooll opportunities already. But sadly TK brushes her off and heads home as he already made his mind up to fold away his feelings for her. Sun-woo asks Deok-sun if she was fooled too, and she just smiles, not knowing what to say to that.


It has been 18 episodes for heaven sake and I still can’t figure out who she is going to end up with. Taek buried his intentions to confess after finding out Jung-hwan liked her, but that kiss blew it all wide open. Not because CT made it to the concert faster.

Junghwan has read more dirty novels then comics in the show. I thought that would be mean as well, because we as the audience knew that DS used to have a crush on him.

Yuki January 10, at 3: You can subtitle on Viki and be part of the community too! They could show us Deok-sun’s feeling for either of the guys now!

Third, why does JH give up so easily? I think my heart stopped during it. Writer-nim, why you doing this to me???? It really is in keeping with episde characters for Taek to go all in when he sees an opportunity and for Jung-hwan to hesitate so long that he shoots himself in the foot.

I think the epiwode who are upset with the possibility of JH not being the husband focuses too much on the shipping rather than the whole story.

Just because he was introduced late in the game doesn’t make him the next Chilbong or your typical 2nd lead. Ahn Jae Hong Main Cast. We know for a fact the Taek doesn’t like interviews, but we know based on Jung-hwan’s personality that he isn’t the type to like interviews either. This is a staple scene in kdrama universe. Finally Sun-woo comes to the rescue and sends Taek home because the family is waiting, so Reeply complies.


What the freaking frick frack.

Of course, I think they all have been, but this one made my cry happy tears so much. Still crying a lot. The scene is really dramacolo.

Both did not act on their feelings when they learned how the other felt about Deoksun, but Junghwan frustrated me when he hurt Deoksun with his inaction.

Episode 14

Times may have been a little simpler, less technological, but still just as challenging to get through a typical day of life in the late s. If the husband is going to be Taek, then why showing the efforts from JH.

Oh wait ge actually treated it as a joke–although not in the meanest sense as I thought it would. I’m glad all the confusion was cleared up. We are going to rwply fully who the husband is on the beginning of ep. So I have to vent about how disappointed I was with this episode.

And junghwan saying it’s my fault for being afraid, all the times he hesitated. I think DS knew it was a heart felt confession.