You can subtitle on Viki and be part of the community too! Yet I still think at this point she believes wholeheartedly she loves only William, even if now she is starting to be less sure about the idea of going overseas. I just couldn’t watch that garbage Perhaps as Mama Beo Jin famously once said, timing has to be right to harvest a clam. I’m curious about something.. I’m starting ep22 soon and I saw JuHwan something like 5 minutes max. And yet seeing her leaving him for William again makes it all shatter down around him because its still William, only William. I am not sure if I have ever reached the end of a drama and felt that a hero deserved his girl more that Kyu after all that extreme emotional pain and suffering in silence!

Episodes by LollyPip. Oooh and I love Kim Woo Bin! Also, they both lack the acting depth to channel angst which I need to feel. I have dramas and Things to look forward to!!!! I also found Yoo Chun a bit boring and not hugely attractive. Oh gosh, I’m worried now because I don’t want you to go see Mazerunner because of me and then hate it!! No wonder you have a soft spot for Suzy haha. I know she was in love with ‘illiam’ but couldn’t she at least thank poor Kyu for saving her life and telling him to take care before he left Tamra?

Sorry for the radio silence. I would probably be the same, getting all obsessive over book characters and movies and stuff!

Once Upon A Twisted Fairy Tale

Glad to hear you had a good time and enjoyed your break! I don’t even care what the drama is about but I want to see it just so I could see Im Ju Hwan in something else. You and I seem to agree on one type of our leading tamta. Which was a life far better than being in the bustling capital city and living in the same house with his mom!


Tamra Island – 01

And boy, can that girl cry. Your email address will not be published.

Haha, perfectly understand your nervousness about opening another drama box. She did learn though. As for movies, I seldom get a say in what movies we watch these days.

Short version never showed him responding. Let me know how Nightwatchmen turns out ya? Suddenly her lifeline in this stifling, controlling new existence is only Park Kyu. I love this scene.

As usual, Kyu refuses to help her treat the trees with manure, although the mention of dung reminds him of his constant stomach pains. Watch ‘ Tamra the Island ‘ with our fast and smooth mobile player, optimized for your phone and tablet. Treathyl Fox aka cmoneyspinner 26 May at I am so excited because I thought the first one was awesome!! I imagine being with him in such a comfortable easy way reminds her of being at home and he brings her such relief in this unhappy new life.

I totally cannot handle the whole incest storyline, it is so weird and horrifying. The scenery is gorgeous. Like the subs will say something like “yes, sir. Not one of my rabid dramas but I liked Dream High.


POPS MISSION: Korean Drama and Movie Obsession: TAMRA THE ISLAND

William, a young Englishman played by Hwang Chan-binthe stage name for French model Pierre Deporteis one of those people with a deep interest in all things Oriental. What would I do without you? In exasperation at both troublemakers, her mother washes her hands of the responsibility and puts Beo-jin in charge of Kyu. taamra

Really like Jung Eun Ji too! But I started to care, when he started to care haha. I already forsee this problem for me in My Secret Hotel. And the largest chunk that was cut was the scene where Mama sent him to look after the feverish Beo Jin, including their breakfast interaction the next morning.

And Shin Mina, they are so lovely. Did that make sense?

That’s why Lee Jun Ki is nice because he does seem like a nice guy and down to earth which is good! SOSsy 23 September at Perhaps as Mama Beo Jin famously once said, timing has to be right to harvest a clam. SOSsy 10 August at It wasn’t love at first sight for me with the traditional Korean clothing since I was more ddramacrazy to the Chinese wuxia costume.