I’m pretty sure Sun Woo has a crush on Bora. Ryu Hye Young Main Cast. Oh, also, if she just marries some other random dude I’m so done. Choi Moo Sung Supporting Cast. The Lucky Eights Team. Of course, when he prompts Sun-woo to say the same thing, she finds it cool.

Lee Se Young Supporting Cast. She’s very easy to relate to and a fun character. I really loved this episode, and I’m loving ! At this stage I actually like it that Deok-sun has no clue about his feelings and I hope it continues that way for a while, because the secrecy and his lack of stealth is what makes it delightful to watch. Chopsticks are easy to learn to use if use them every day. I friggin know this thing too well. This is the Korean drama Reply ep 12 with full English subtitles.

No wonder next episode’s preview involved Bora and Sunwoo, I really hope the show goes the direction you predicted!! He should be with in a love triangle with Dok sun and Junghwan!

Ryu Hye Young Main Cast. I’m still unsure about her feelings for him despite what she says.

Lee Se Young Supporting Cast. I for one i see him even when he is looking at her all smiling as somehow a brother looking at his sister,hat endering feeling even more if he might like Bora,her unnie Download the latest version here. I’m really enjoying so far. I love his dad and he loves DeokSun, so she needs to marry into the family and they 198 do gags all the time. As they head back out in the rain, Dad grabs his own umbrella and walks out, and Mom finds that someone else has taken her umbrella.


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I feel Taek should take a break and go live a normal life for awhile. He’s so tsundere the minute she knows he’ll stop doing it probably lol. I love these recaps but I have to say either my self-control is going to grow exponentially to wait until subs are up before reading recaps or I’m going to learn Korean, because it is just a ROUGH time of it!

Satisfied that no one answered, she walks out erply it. You can tell that Sun-woo has no feelings for Deok-Sun but has a crush on her sister 1.

When Deok-Sun was wearing her sister’s clothes and asked Sun-woo what he though of it. They way he was so insistent on looking good for the tutoring session only but not any other time when he’s just with Deoksun looks to me the he likes her.

That’s so elder sis. He showed weakness, and people are speculating on a slump. Kim Sun Young Supporting Cast.

Chopsticks are easy to learn to use if use them every day. Episodes by odilettante.

Which sorry to say she deserves to get her butt kicked. Someone who found love but had to be secretly happy would be an option. Didn’t even notice 2 and 3.


This is the Korean drama Reply ep 12 with full English subtitles. Deok-sun is left out on the street, so she hangs out of the open doorway as the bus takes off, which seems crazy. She’s just okay imho.

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I guess that’s something only people with super-longtime best friends understand – I totally expected them to tease him about his loss Taek, I mean. Page 1 Page 2 Next page. I will never understand why they let her act that way.

Taek is near tears sitting in front of his baduk board by himself, and Jung-hwan opens the door.


The second lead syndrome was just overwhelmingly strong in that one, but all my friends who liked chilbong were those who wanted a similar boyfriend Cause Park Bo Gum makes such an impact acting with his eyes alone.

I think all we have to guess right now about SunWoo’s feelings was the fact that he decided to wear the wet shirt even though it wasn’t dry. DINS November 17, at Jung-Hwan’s silly gag with his dad was so painfully awkward but I’m eoisode happy he reached out first.