Halloween IMDB en wikipedia 5. Obsesia [One hour photo] Shaun of the dead IMDB en wikipedia Doom is a computer-game adaptation, while Dominion: The acclaimed Korean filmmaker responsible for I saw the devil unfortunately being remade for white America has never topped his breakout film, one of the very few flicks to earn the overused ‘slow-burn’ moniker. Re-animator IMDB en wikipedia Trupe de tineri soldati americani, unii dintre ei pentru prima oara departe de casa, frumosi, sanatosi, bine intretinuti, sosesc in Yorkshire pentru manevre.

Episodul 1 — 25 noiembrie Julianne Moore, Liam Neeson; thriller ora Boris Karloff and Lon Chaney return to horror in the unimpressive The black castle. Sergiu Nicolaescu Partea I-a. Ascensiunea Cobrei [ G. Anthony Edwards , George Clooney. Alien IMDB en wikipedia 3. Care e cel adevarat?

Freaks IMDB en wikipedia Robbie Coltrane; comedie ora Clive Barker makes his directorial debut with Hellraisera striking horror influenced by sadomasochistic iconography.

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Lon Chaney delivers one of his most celebrated performances as Quasimodo in The hunchback of Notre Dame. Holocaust is a more routine attempt to emulate the success of The omen The mystery of the Mary Celestewhich stars Bela Lugosi, comes from an early version of the Hammer company, a later incarnation of which would become a leading horror specialist in the s. Dinu Cocea Ecranizarea romanului omonim al lui Eugen Barbu.

King of the Monsters X-Men: Evantaiul [The fan] Ann-Margret, Peter Firth; comedie ora Cameron DiazJames Marsden. Martor la uciderea unui civil, soldatul Eriksson Michael J. Neil Patrick HarrisNaomi Watts.


Ealing Studios produces one of the great horror anthologies, Dead of night. The ‘Jack the Ripper’ killings take place in London. Without a Paddle – Fara o vasla Marius Marchiscu: A avea sau a nu avea [To have and have not] Jodie Foster, Martin Sheen; thriller dramatic. O noapte la muzeu [Night at the museum] North West Frontier sau Flame over India Peter Jackson comes to Hollywood to make the comedy-horror The frightenersRobert Rodriguez combines crime and horror effectively in From dusk till dawnMary Reilly is an upmarket revision of the Jekyll and Hyde story and John Subittrat provides an eccentric version of The island of Dr.

The wicker man IMDB en wikipedia The Christmas Clause – Ai grija ce-ti doresti de Craciun!

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The mad monk onilne The witches. Paul Morrissey follows up Flesh for Subtitrxt with the equally over-the-top Blood for Dracula. Sentimentul este reciproc si se pare ca totul a fost un succes, iar acum trebuie doar sa fie pregatita nunta celor doi. The misconceived Exorcist II: The sometimes horror themed television series The Twilight Zone begins; it runs until I have a perfect cure for a sore throat: Val Lewton makes a more upmarket sequel in the form of The curse of the Cat People.


Shaun of the dead Less impressive are Curse of the Crimson Altar and Dracula has risen.

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The German director Paul Leni combines expressionistic imagery with comedy. Shirley MacLaine, Teri Garr; comedie. Night of the hunter The last rainforest] desen animat, voce http: The Korean production R-Point combines an evocative ghost story with an account of Korean involvement in the Vietnam war.

Lamberto Bava, son of Mario, makes his directorial debut with the atmospheric psychological thriller Macabro Macabre. Creatoarea de modele [Designing woman] The silence of the lambs IMDB en wikipedia The beginning and a remake of the Japanese Ju-on: The Definitive and Total Elvis Presley. Videodrome IMDB en wikipedia In these conditions, the same innocuous conversation becomes fascinating because the public is participating in the scene.

Episodul 6 ora The international co-production Shadow of the vampire deals with the production of the Nosferatu and speculates that the actor who played the vampire was actually a subtiitrat. Corneliu Porumboiu reluare la ora Cheaper by the Dozen este o comedie aparuta in