I like that she seems connected to her own desires and is not a doormat. At first I watched for song ji Hyo but I really like the main characters and the their self growth. Your comments and thoughts about the show are so spot on. I get it as a plot device, but I don’t like it. Tell like it is!!! To me, love was never a question for these two.

I don’t think anyone’s saying that the divorce was all Chang-min’s fault. I would prefer if they start their new relationship as friends and then maybe lovers later. I think the writers will continue to bring it. They are seriously great together. Ah-reum leaves, and Chang-min answers the call, and tells his mother that Ah-reum just left. Noelle February 25, at 3: Their explanation is very “rational”: I’m goin’ to Jackson, and that’s a fact.

After unwrapping his scarf from his own neck, he uses it to tie the makeshift sling in place. Totally digging both of your comments, Genie and yenny!

When CM’s mom showed at the hospital for the first time, CM e;isode wanted epislde avoid the whole situation by hiding JH from sight, while JH made clear that she wasn’t going to do that — that it was her place of work and that she wasn’t going to play hide and seek games but be an adult.

Her weak heart gives me hope she’ll find a quick death. Im going with the flow since i like to couple so much.

Episode 10

CH and JH are so cute together with so much chemistry. But Chang-min is angry emeryency, and he grabs her wrist: A baby epiode young can’t act and it was like cuople made and let him cry on purpose for the scenes. Thanks for the recap! And can I just add? I just remember him being super angry and then me just like flipping out at how their romance was finally developing again: It finally clicked to me last night while I was watching Emergency Couple episode 8.


They both sit up and look at each other, and Chang-min chooses that moment to burst into the room. Log in with Email. Mariah March 3, at 7: And yet, even Samantha could let Smith go when she was older and more internally settled. I’m betting hoping that Chang Min really steps it up in the understanding others department, because otherwise I will remain hooked with the Jin Hee-Chief similarities and will be dead by the time the drama concludes!

Edited at I remember I was confused at the subs saying “that face I told you about. I want him to deserve it so redeem yourself, Chang-min! We coyple do better if we start again.

I do think, btw, that both had fault in the demise of their marriage. As Chun-soo and Ji-hye walk away, he says that she was emerrgency good with the baby. Instead she finds the gift that Jin-hee gave him a while ago, and reads the note in which Jin-hee thanks him for his help getting her through medical school. I understand he did it out of care but in the long emsrgency, there will be consequences that both will have to face.

At least not yet. I have so many tought after watched eps9 and wait for some recap, all I can remember now is how excited I am about eps When Chun-soo and Ji-hye walk into the same bar, Chang-min sees that Chun-soo emergecy wearing a new jacket—the dramload gifted to him by Jin-hee.

I can do without the sister, but the husband is funny. How weird is it emergsncy she broke her clavicle when changnim was braking the car. She asks if he gave the baby the fever reducer, and he says he did, and Ji-hye directs a nurse to find Chang-min.


I loved the opening sequence with Chang-min, Jin-hee, and Cheon-soo surrounding the on call room. Your email address will not be published.

Hey, you’re all ll caught up with the recaps, slappyunni et al, thanks! And, yeah, I have to apply eastwestmess’ rule to any incident of someone stealing a kiss from an unconscious woman.

That’s what actually irritates me.

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While I love Chun Soo, I would be ok with their relationship being a platonic mentor-mentee one as long as character development is not sacrificed for either. THe big question is: You can’t go through your life making excusing that it’s all your parents’ fault.

Young Jin-hee and Chang-min were so cute. I think it will get into place when we finally find out why they’d got married, what existed between them before the hate and the anger have emegency place.

In episode 1, we see her feeling so stressed that she’s actually having severe hair loss. I’m soo curious about Ji Hye and her baby Can all of us just take a moment to adore how cute younger Jin-hee looks?

I’m pretty sure Chief will get back together with Ji-hye–it’s hinted that she has a daughter who is possibly Chief’s daughter too. I don’t know why. Baby Gook and his parents stole this episode. She looks way more comfortable acting in romcoms than in sageuks. BasketChaste March 2, at Besides CM being childish is just for the funny, I mean its a romcom for God’s sakes and it my book that means there is eplsode for comedy.