Adjustable foot – Not an issue on the ceiling mount. BenQ’s new lumen p business projector Epson Home Cinema Projector: Though blacks are not a home video projector stronghold, the blacks on the BenQ are neutral and with a depth that is in line with similarly priced home theater projectors. You may also like. The Acer is capable of a surprisingly great picture for the price. Equally impressive on the W home video projector is the extensive set of color controls which gives the more experienced user plenty of control over the final picture.

No issues with any in that regard. It is a rather attractive system that works fine, and that helps produce deeper blacks in darker scenes. Motorized or power zoom lenses allow the user to remotely press a switch, for example on a remote control, causing the projector to automatically zoom in or out and correct the size of the image. Would you like to get the best out of your Projector? The BenQ MPST has a lot going for it – it is bright, sharp, and able to put a big picture on screen from a short distance, but it has some limitations. Discover bright cinematic adventures at home with the Home Cinema Warranty and support which I value highly — and so does anyone who encounters a warranty issue, strongly favors Epson. The reviews authored by others that claim this projector produces a great image are spot on.

Mind you, the blacks on the BenQ and the Acer home video projectors are in line with what the competition has to offer at this price level; rather, the overall picture quality on offer by both is one you generally have to pay more to enjoy. Pocket Projector Review Allan Abbott: One thing missing on the Acer with respect to the BenQ is that the HBD does not include any lens shift mechanism, which may somehow limit projector placement; best projector placement is either tabletop or ceiling mounted.

The lens shift feature on a device allows the optical lens to be physically shifted up and down vertical or left and right horizontal. An area in which the Acer seems to have done a better job than the BenQ is in the area of lamp lifewith Acer boasting up to 7,hrs when the projector is used in ExtremeECO mode; the mode still produces plenty of image brightness under a dark room environment.

BenQ W+: Popularity in Competitive Class

Please read our terms of use and privacy policy before using this site. The Budget Video Projector: Q1070 said, considering BenQ also makes the ST. BenQ W Available from amazon. It is much faster than the BenQ; we measured input lag at around 24ms on the BenQ W when in Standard mode no games mode available as against the less than 17ms for the HBD home video projector when in game mode.


However, it hoe be emphasized here that both projectors are capable of doing a superb job in delivering a genq immersive and realistic big screen 3D viewing experience no HDTV can ever achieve. As explained earlier on in this review, these are indented for use in general home entertainment, mainly as a living room option where the presence of some ambient light is to be expected.

Five Popular p Home Theater Projectors. Adjustable foot – Not an issue on the ceiling mount. I also viewed a few P 3D BR rips that range from GB in size and have quality of what you can expect for an internet streamed movie.

To shoot the same size picture, I have to put the W further from the screen. This will be the only display in my basement, so eye fatigue, rainbows and factors like input lag will also play a big part into deciding which unit I will keep.

≫ BenQ W vs Epson PowerLite Home Cinema | Projector comparison

They are sitting on a simple table stand and shooting about a ” picture that is 12 feet away. I was convinced I would just spend top dollar and get the Panny and be done with it. The BenQ may not be as bright as the Acer, and in the most economical lamp mode, lamp life on the BenQ is at least a 1,hrs less than that of the Acer.

Are you using a screen or just the wall? Love this projector This is the second projector that I purchased. Being a major 3D fan movies I believe size matters here but i would rather watch a much better quality picture on a ” screen than an ok epeon on a “, considering that the BenQ has the overall picture quality, it would be great if your 3D test could include a “, ” and ” picture size. Add to Compare List. Images are always rich and brilliant with lumens brightness. Straight out the box, the picture was jaw dropping gorgeous.

The Acer HBD is a surprisingly small yet powerful home video projector. Conference Room Projector Review M. Poor remote – Not an issue epeon I use Harmony so I think it is a wise decision to not spend too much money on the remote. Will do some more comparisons starting on Thursday with the NFL game! We are an authorized dealer.


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The legacy connections are greatly appreciated, the brightness is a major plus and the color depth and blacks are really quite good. I believe that could reduce the rainbows but not positive. Tangled Cable is offline. Top 10 projectors 1. Summaries include highlights and limitations of each model, and cinmea comparative notes.

In fact, at Each has its own set of features, price, and value proposition. Don’t buy IR or RF cineam that projector. The Acer is capable of a surprisingly great picture for the price. Plasma TV Reviews – Roundup. Generally, we do not consider this to be much cinrma value in that video projector sound is often worst than what you get from a typical flat-panel HDTV; even the projector placement itself is far from ideal for an acceptable sound experience.

This page is currently only available in English. As explained in our contrast ratio guide, black level becomes much less of a concern when there is the presence of even low-level ambient light.

powrelite In my upcoming projector addition to my rather bright livingroom, I would pick the Epson. It does come to no surprise therefore that it has the same rated 10, Two first class choices! You seem to be looking at similar projectors as me. This group of five p models delivers great values in high resolution for not a lot of money. When it comes to 3D, the BenQ picks up an advantage.

BenQ W1070+

The lens shift feature on a device allows the optical lens to be physically shifted up and down vertical or left and right horizontal. Despite its high light output, the BenQ is capable of a very good black level and great shadow detail even in the presence of ambient light.

It is difficult to just point to the best option that would provide a best fit for everyone, since it all depends on the exact requirements.