Yonas Brhane 4 meses. Am muslim tigray but l like tigray culture but? Profile of organization at our email id: Hanibal Gebar 4 meses. EritreanKing I’m not trying to insult you but you’re really not comprehending what you’re reading. EritreanKing Bottom line is we need to remember who divided and conquered us, it was the Europeans who divided us then conquered us in

Please give us more thank you.. Pleasent to know Christianity has its beginning at your country. Read my last two comments again, you didn’t comprehend it. Dimtsi Weyane Television 22 hours ago. M Berhan 3 meses. I love the Tigrigna culture and I hope we preserve it in the future.

Bahlibi Berhane 1 mes. I guess your colture adyzm very sound. This is obvious just by looking at the similarities between the cultures. If you have or if you want any comments and communications with me please contact me via the following e-mails: Hadaseye is my grandmathers name However, it is obvious Eritrea is becomming less and less Tigrigna as these people are leaving the country in huge numbers.

M Berhan 3 meses. Heni Hani 4 meses. Wedi kiko mis reakuwo kemgele sdet zifetero Tezeytniwniweni ertirean mexidefeni yu. Any ways I want to encourage you to push your efforts to achieve your dreams. Don’t mix current politics with our historical identities.

Abudi J 4 meses. Mostrar controles del Reproductor. Also, a year ago I use to be exactly like you Dimtsi Weyane Television 22 hours ago.


Fili Aman 4 meses. Adiam, I never forget when you said ” Art doba Zoba aleyet iyfelen” zebelekeyo. Am muslim tigray but l like tigray culture but? Amazing duos from 1: Eritreab With that said, let me address the s Angish Teti 4 meses. I love the music by, Eritrea are my brothers!

Success come through great efforts and with enduring many obstacles, passing through upwards and down wards. Klue ata anes hanti like zihbeni seb siene eske hji ni saron zifetwa like yhabeni. Eritrean WEED, 4 meses. Huruy Okbaselasei 1 mes. Eri Habeny 09 4 meses.

EritreanKing Do eritreab comprehend what you read? Solomon Haile Live Stage Performance. Profile of organization at our email id: Eritrea and Ethiopia may be politically separate countries in the modern day, but they share a common heritage as descendents of ancient Abyssinia. Just classic my grandpa will be proud of you so do i.

Yonas Brhane 4 meses. DERG killed over 1. So do the right thing for love!

eritrean movie manta mesalil part 2

With Best Regards, Ms. This is really a big mistake and some People may take it as disrespect to the host country; Ethiopia and the hosting people Ethiopians. Foto Russom 4 meses. T Msakum 20 dias. Rhus awdeamet nkulu hzbi trah ktblu ayneberekumn abay giega ane eritrawi ye Eta erimti rhus beal nme’emenan krstna.

So as an artist keep it in that way. Of Course as many commentators said, you were expected to say Happy Easter to all your viewers whether they are Eritreans or Ethiopians. Descargar por favor espere. Please give us more thank you. Dejen – Krarey – Traditional Eritrean Music. Amanial Amanial 4 meses.


Eritrea Interview with Meadi sne Tibeb Star Ariam Woldeab| ERi-TV

Let it be message for you Tygrinias why do you leave the country why no muslims no jibertis no Tigre no blen no afar no saho and no raishadas are leaving the country why only us tygrinia why do you know what happens to Eritrean trigrinias refugee in Sudan Egypt and Lybian they are persecuted bcs of their religion if the they know you are Christian they ask them to become a muslim or they are raped stolen and made to slaves esp to women to sex slaves and mostly they are killed by the arabs DO U know how happy the arabs are to catch Eritrean and ethopian refugees.

Asey Wellcome deki eri shikorinatat Gbu wedi kiko hawey ke ezgabher amlak byemanay edu yqebelka. Ermias Tesfay 4 meses.