But we should inform and educate people that any person can be infected with HIV. I have prepared a song about FGM, and I have other works also. The main responsibility lies with the director. I hope to work hard and please the public with more deserving work in the future. There is no reason why women cannot become screenwriters and film directors. In your opinion, why is this is so? I like other works of art dealing with the youth in general.

What do you think? Even the children can benefit better when the woman is educated. So everyone should be aware. Then when he or she feels they have been wronged, they can fight for their rights according to the law. Have you taken any courses to improve your skills? In the future I plan to write more.

They asked me to act in the film they were producing. The most common crimes are: So, I think these could be some of the reasons.

My father and mother are both EPLF fighters. I liked studying Law. In short the work was demanding. Pat creatures living in the world are beautiful.

All the older and more experienced actors help, correct and support us during work. I did not understand much what my parents used to tell me about the nation. Does a female actress face any challenges in particular? What are the main crimes committed by them? How do you relax? I thank my family for helping me ppart reach this level. Whom do you want to emulate?

In during the Independence Day celebrations I took part in the youth mass sport aerobics. I like to read especially, books on psychology and law. I believe I need to work very hard in order to grow. How much do you love this job? When you were young, what did you want to become? But some women fail to report the rape to the police because of shame, fear or risk of alienation. As for me I want to write songs that enhance the self-confidence of women.


I want to continue and grow in this profession of acting. So, when they are in prison there must be a way to change, educate and rehabilitate them to become productive members of the society. In the acting field, I suggest that the actors, like other professionals or artists, be organized in a union or association and be paid regular salaries and given the chance and develop and grow.

So, being a woman is more than enough. I admire all the artists in our nation. And did you like it? Then he told me to meet him at Cinema Asmara.

Eritrean Movie 2015 – Mskir – Part 5 – Eritrea

At home, I harg to hold a spoon and pretend it was a microphone. I hope to work hard and please the public with more deserving work in the future.

What is the percentage of youth in crime? Your views concerning harmful tradition that ought to be ertrean The fact that she is underage makes the man guilty by law. Then I try it and train many times. So I suggest someone, either the NUEYS, or other concerned authorities should explore and find these talented people in the military, the rural areas, etc. But I think the choice really belongs to the directors or others. They remind me to keep the time of my rehearsal, etc.


Which artist do you admire? But I believe acting is just like any other work. But FGM is not only harmful to her health; it is also abuse of her natural bodily rights.

In how many films have you acted so far? As for Daniel, he was the opposite of Tekhle. Thus the rapist may leave her or other people may help or rescue her. When she falls into the risk of rape attempt, she must search for ways to get help. What are the other crimes or offenses that women face? So I wanted to study law.

Eritrean Movie – Mskir – Part 5 – Eritrea – Dailymotion Video

So we the youth must work with all our ability in order to build and protect our nation and help it prosper. I want to thank Captain Fessehaye Lemelem.

The old public or traditional rationale for this act is: I got eritrfan reviewers from the audience saying that I did well. So they must get enough protection and cooperation from their families and employers.

At the time some of my girl friends who knew that I liked signing, encouraged me to sing. The film was educational. My only regret is that for Daniel.

The meeting in which Eritrean dritrean foreign experts took part was focused on the archeological and exploration activities as well as researches conducted and findings.

What is the reason?