Making an ice farm in the spawn village Extending the rail to the blaze farm and decoraing it with ice Discussing his philosophy on emeralds and paper farming Firing Nebris from Sheryl and a vertical canon. Listen Episode with Arkas. Explicit Episode 25 – With Guest Millbee. Listen Episode 88 – Doc as temporary Pyro impersonator. Listen Episode 30 – Guest Doc. Episode with Aureylian.

Listen Episode 88 – Doc as temporary Pyro impersonator. Trading with Nebris Visiting the quad spider spawner for string and making dispensers Experimenting with ideas for an underwater home Building an artificial island for the villagers Showing the completed rail to the blaze farm. Discovering the Death Games building has been replaced with granite by Arkas Getting revenge by littering sunflowers around Arkas’ base Starting his tree base, experimenting with designs Exploring the Nether fortress with SethBling Collecting mushroom blocks. Episode with Docm77 and Arkas. Explicit Episode with DocM Setting up a pyrotechnics system at the arena. Explicit Episode 61 – Nebris is back! Explicit Episode 19 – Guest Zedsteau.

Sky Shrooms Part 1 “. Episode with Arkas. Explicit Episode 17 – Guest Avidya. Mindcrack Podcast By Mindcrack Network. Discovering a chicken dispenser trick from Baj Finding generikb’s RV while continuing to mibdcrack his base Building the second ring and starting the third Enchanting and repairing at the Ender Ender Discussing anvils and game balance.

Etho MindCrack SMP – Episode 145: Bed Spawn

Listen Episode 42 – Guest Beef. We are unable to find iTunes on your computer. Explicit Episode with Michael from Gamewisp. Setting up EthoCorp’s bulk potion delivery service Setting up a method to flood the NetherHub with mobs Testing his mob flooding system Capturing “Little Buddy” the mindcrackk pigman.


Episode with Aureylian. Inspecting Vintage Beef’s castle and finding mushroom mold Discussing his new build Making improvements to the slime farm Addressing Zisteau’s montage battle. Explicit Episode with Aureylian. Episode with Seth.

Mindcrack Podcast

Montage of clips from episodes on the MindCrack server. Looking for pranks from generikb rpisode finding the snow bridge Using tnt minecarts to clean up the bridge Showing the signs Vechs left at spawn Building and testing the display for the horse track Clip of building pixel art of string above BdoubleO’s roof with AnderZEL.

Explicit Episode with Eneija. Explicit Episode 67 with KurtJMac. Listen Episode 37 – Guest Bdoubleo Episode 91 – Angel. Discussing changes at spawn Making a storage area under his lab.

Mindcrack – S01 E114 Snowfall With Generic Bdubs Etho Mcgruber and Mr Cheep

Listen Episode with Vechs. Explicit Episode 5 – Mkndcrack Zisteau. Arena Fight Night Part 2 of 2 “. Exploring an intersecting ravine Starting to make Wither spawning pads Talking about the server being down due to Hurricane Sandy. Explicit Episode with Zisteau. Depositing crafting tables into the vault Showing his Death Games building Collecting glowstone, checking out generikb’s slime farm Clips from building a spider trap with Anderz, Doc and Seth.

Talking about his Internet and using a mobile hotspot to connect to the server Building a river near EthoCorp Laboratories Stalling and prevent BdoubleO from logging off Hunting BdoubleO as part of the Death Games Showing his squid tank VintageBeef installed for him Digging a simple underground mob farm. Listen Episode 12 – ,indcrack Customer Reviews Mindcrack podcast. Explicit Episode with Avidya and JustVan. Explicit Episode 48 – Guest Millbee.


Listen Episode 6 – Secret Special Guest.

Explicit Episode with Sigils. Constructing and demonstrating the dual Blaze farm. Working on the modular hexagonal buildings in Ethopia Exploring spawn, visiting the new Fairy Fountain and buying some enchanted books Peaking at Adlington’s new build in spawn. Fighting Nebris and discussing the battle. Explicit Episode 42 – Guest Beef. Reaction to being signed up for generikb’s cat fancy service Planing for EthoCorp to follow a similar business strategy Making over generik’s daycare rtho part of EthoCorp’s free “Von Sway” decorating service with BdoubleO and Guude.

Episode with Coestar. mjndcrack

Explicit Episode with Pyro. Trying to untangle all the tracks affected by the Nether hub expansion Working with Baj and BdoubleO to design the shops. Cleaning up AnderZEL’s redstone prank at the blaze epiaode. Sneaking into the theater together when testing the UHC mumble plugin Checking out BdoubleO’s work in the arena Redesigning the capture points Checking the shops at spawn.

Listen Episode with Seth. Listen Episode 41 – Guest Shree.