For latest updates on ETV Channels – www. Indra arrived and asked Arjuna to treat this curse as a blessing in disguise as the 13th year is arriving. Retrieved 1 May Nartana Shala 17th October Part 5 etvteluguindia 6 years ago. When the intended artist did not turn up, another was employed and the scene was filmed. Narthanasala Promo – Kadavethukelladu Rajashekar Miryala 6 years ago. He warns Sudeshna of dire consequences if Sairandhri does not willingly submit herself for unison.

That would give a chance to the Kauravas to prohibit the Pandavas from attacking and gaining the reigns of the Kuru Kingdom for a longer period, and possibly forever. Archived from the original on 28 October She had Rhinoplasty to alter the appearance of her nose in her film career during the film Aararo Ariraro, in In its 87th volume released in , the now-defunct magazine The Illustrated Weekly of India noted Kanchanamala’s cameo appearance, stating, “her delivery was as flawless as in bygone days and the years had not robbed her of charm”. Balamuralikrishna , Bangalore Latha. Diwali is celebrated using Fireworks and lamps. Archived from the original on 16 November Rama Rao was happy to play Arjuna, but was hesitant to take up Brihannala ‘s part; he felt that even a slight misstep would result in rejection by the audience.

Brihannala, who teaches dance to Uttaraa, learns this and is happy. Bhanupriya began her film acting career when she was just Theodore Baskaranfilm director R.


Shyamala hot in narthanasala

When Kauravas attack the remaining cattle, Uttara Kumara swears to fight against them. Archived from the original on 18 September On realising who Brihannala is, Uttara Kumara is happy to serve him.

The commentator for The Times praised the songs, the overall treatment and Ranga Rao’s portrayal of Kichaka.

Archived from the original on 2 December Susarla Dakshinamurthi composed the film’s soundtrack and background score. It was also dubbed into Bengali and Odia languages. Her sister Shantipriya was also an actress. The Narthabasala learn about Kichaka’s death due to a woman married to five Gandharvas in mysterious circumstances. Nartanashala on 6thOctober Part 3 etvteluguindia 6 years ago.

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Retrieved 29 June Anchor Shyamala dance show-2 Hot Updates 4 months ago. Nartana Shala 17th October Part 5 etvteluguindia 6 years ago. Retrieved 1 May They hope to find employment in the king’s palace. Khushboo had mentioned in an interview that one role that she would not be able to do justice would be the role Bhanupriya enacted in “Aararo Ariraro”.

The majority of Nartanasala ‘s portions were filmed in the sets erected at Vauhini and Bharani studios in Madras now Chennai. One night, Valala disguises himself as a woman and waits in the dance hall.


banupriya ind actress

JanakiDakshinamurthi chose musician M. Narasimham of The Hindu noted that the etb provided one of the most fulfilling performances for Savitri as Sairandhri. Nartanasala ‘s success inspired filmmakers to explore the theme of a protagonist with a dark past living with a different identity in a place alien to him. Retrieved 14 May Nartana Shala 17th October Part 4 etvteluguindia 6 years ago.

Before the war, Brihannala asks the chariot to be directed to a shami tree prosopis cineraria where the Pandavas’ divine weapons are hidden. Sudeshna’s brother and Nartahnasala chief army commander Kichaka returns victorious from a conquest. Draupadi meets Virata’s wife Sudeshna at a temple.

Her most famous ad was of Eyetex, a popular eyeliner. For latest updates on ETV Channels – www.

Shyamala Hot In Narthanasala

Directorate of Film Festivals. Veerappa served as the cinematographer and editor, respectively. Balasubramaniam, in the Telugu show “Paadutha Theeyaga”, named nnarthanasala as one of the graceful dancers of Cinema, apart from Kamalhassan, Chiranjeevi, Prabhudeva, L.

Ranga Rao were signed to play the other key roles of Draupadi and Kichaka respectively.