Following food, we queued for The Crypt , which took 30 minutes. It was loosely similar to a maze last year, but this was much bigger. For me this was absolutely superb in terms of how the actors ran the maze. But, overall it was one of the best Halloween events I’ve been to. Surely a sinister swiss farm house theme would work much better? However, with Horror Nights being something which is much discussed and with a mixture of opinion on the event over the years, I felt the urge to report back on the experiences of

Posted 5th Nov Anyway, a fantastic event, so much an improvement on ! What was lost in the scare zones though, was more than made up for in some of the mazes. Lots of drinking than any sort of concentration on mazes. We arrived at our first maze, in the well themed central arena China Town , and joined the queue, which took 15 minutes throughput was good. If anything, it was a little overrated. The queue was 30 minutes.

Whilst Snow White was quite weak for me, Takeaway was fairly decent. I am might pleased that the park have set about improving every element, and ensuring that crowding doesn’t spoil the evening too 20013. Cue a Zombie bursting out of it, with a loud sound effect and lighting. Posted 4th Nov Hideous spider sound effects, bodies hanging wrapped in silk, an actor trapped shouting HELP – and then, the finale.

Suddenly, cue a massive noise, alarms, bright white lights, and several zombies banging against clear perspex glass right at you.

Log mxrc or Sign up. By day it’s quite fun and quirky, but at night it takes a different turn. The central plaza was very impressive, with a decent selection of food and drinks were still on hand at plenty of bars dotted in and around the event area.

Terenzi Horror Nights – The Café (Europa-Park) – Vidéo dailymotion

With Horror Nights added into the wider Europa-Park Halloween product, it is one of the best in Europe and comes recommended. I won’t go into massive detail, as Dan has pretty much covered things. What really stole the show was Dead Inside. There were some decent scenes here and there, and the actors were very europaparl, but the scare rating was less here. Imagine walking through what you assume to be a corridor, it’s pitch dark.


The Villa was a great maze, the only one which was also open in the daytime. We went for food next, which was excellent. This sort of scare tactic was used constantly in the maze, and hotror of the group were genuinely terrified. I was towards the front of the group and thought it was fantastic.

Terenzi Horror Nights 2007 – Hell’s Inn (Europa-Park)

If anything, it was a little overrated. A giant, hideous spider outfit. The queue was 30 minutes. Take Awayis a heavily themed experience into a Chinese Take Away – however tereniz this particular outlet, things aren’t running smoothly.

With Marz Terenzi now gone, and a new rusg assisting with maze design, I was very intrigued as to how this year’s event would pan out. This year saw the 7th installment of a horror nights event at Europa-Park and my personal 6th consecutive visit. This hotror common across the main 4 mazes. The theming inside is great – scenes including caged cats preparing for slaughter, a rather disgusting backroom featuring a blood stained bra and knickers, crazy chefs and more.

Rather than the Ruropapark Towers hoorror where the actor simply lunges at you with a noise, here we have 1 The Actor appearing out of nowhere, for example, bursting out of a grandfather clock which doesn’t look like it could ever have an actor inside it 2 a smashing sound effect as the clock opens out and 3 light effects.

At one stage, myself and Kaycee who as at the front were split entirely from the rest of the group and ordered to march into a room, where we were subjected to a very intense scare. The 3-point-scare technique was used to the maximum.

Terenzi Horror Nights – Hell’s Inn (Europa-Park) – Vidéo dailymotion

Which brings us to around Share This Page Tweet. Much of it is located in the lower parts of the Poseidon queueline. Sure the event was extremely busy, but then again on the weekend closest to Halloween that was to be expected. Everyone ran out screaming. Lots of scenes of old mansion memorabilia and other items, a laundry room which was really cool and other europapari left us with a great impression and high enjoyment of the maze.


What Europa-Park do really well in their mazes is the 3 point scare.

Terenzi Horror Nights 2008 – The Café (Europa-Park)

After the awful times inHorror Nights is finally on the up. The snow machines were a nice touch, but the scares just weren’t really there. The best since I still had a good time, but I still expected a lot more from the mazes. My only complaint would be they weren’t as full on in scare zones as previous years for me, there didn’t appear to be as much interaction with guests this time around.

Beer and spirits were flowing, too and the tents were warm, loosely themed and comfortable – with candles on all the tables. The success of the event this year should really push them to reconsider the location of the mazes in future and look to expand things as soon as possible.

Sadly, this was the longest queue of the night at 1 hour, but we could see why, as this was a very long experience.

For me this was absolutely superb in terms of how the actors ran the maze. Once again, I was towards the front of the group. The terrible event of still sits in the memory as one of my worst experiences of any event at Europa-Park in the 10 years I have been visiting. Still, I came out nihgt it anyway.

An unbelievably long maze, with the most amount of scares I’ve ever had in a maze. It’s pretty much the same as the maze from Defiantly enjoy horror nights the whole event seemed miles ahead of scarefest.

Posted 5th Nov