Hi Aye, wow watched thrice in 3 days? Otherwise she’s stuck in the time loop forever. Deok Heung approaches closer so Choong-suk steps up to block him. Fortunately, the lovely internet lets us go wherever our little hearts desire and we can find more likeminded people. Gongmin and Young- these two. Now are you curious how Choi Young cure his frozen self? Read the same thing at a Soompi thread that according to a Livejournal writer that according to a Chinese Baidu thread

Young asks for him to let him go. Should you be saying that? Deok Heung, still not believing that Eun-soo is from heaven, asks if it is because her fortune-telling told her that. But the inter-action between the OTP is enough for me to hope we’re going somewhere that they’re together. Next time, I will use it more effectively. Just my mumbled cursing and some imaginary cricket chirping sounds in the air. And Young’s admitting to wanting to be “not so far” from Eun soo, his Hug was more warm than the Kiss, imho.

He darts up at the last moment to go after Hwasuin, but she stabs him clean through the chest, and smiles as he falls dead.

I also love the build-up of romance between CH and ES. Gongmin delivers the true blow: There is a scene in this movie where the guy is trying to come to terms with his feelings for his BFFs wife. My favorite scene was on episode 14 when they almost bumped with each other goodness, the look in their eyes blew me away.

And how many times is he going to be captured to save her? Indiannomad October 10, at 7: I know how many times, because of me, you had to bow your head and get caught.


I can’t agree with you more about the exceptional cast, esp the cuuuuuute Woodalchi ‘children’ and the hilarious villains Ki Chul, Flute boy and swoon-worthy but wimpy Deok Heung!

The drama that was so good but ended up in the pit hole due to bad writing towards the end. CaroleMcDonnell October 10, at 9: They’re not making a Documentary.

Link is in this post 3rd paragraph. Gongmin understands what he means, but refuses to comply and let these people die in his place. Another surprise would come if there would be another person in the carriage as envoy — maybe an older man, real Hwata who came to take his pupil back to present time so she would not meddle in the history too much When the happy epdramz came, I was ecstatic!!!

She sent a fake message from Deok Heung to the generals that were on the list of suspects. Her dream is to someday open her own practice.

I think this will happen either in episode 23 or Come on Mesmerize us. Some excitement around here!

신의 Faith (Korean Drama)

Despite Faith being my favorite drama, it has some flaws too. Young has set up a mourning alter in his room for the slain Woodalchi. But how so, It’s Korean drama always end with tragic!!! They were falling like dominoes.

Dramas-Subeng: Stars Falling from the Sky

I think Young also understands that and thankfully he was always able to save Gongmin despite, as he confessed, he always thought of Eun-soo first. Faith is the only drama where I stalk the blogs and web sites so I have nothing to compare with. He’s just plain annoying at this point.


Awe October 11, at 2: But then carry on is such a random phrase to use in a song so I think they know what is means…sigh…happy or sad ending? Reply Che-Cheh September 25, at 1: I, too, loved all the things that you did.

The fallen Woodalchi men — waaaaahhhhh!!!!!

Loved Ki Chul’s temper, it had me laughing cause he couldnt even get the words out, the one who always knew what to say to get things done his way, is completely lost now. Young takes in the news and swallows back his reaction.

I even like a baddie if gifted with some brain. How many times will I rewatch these episodes??? And so we forgive the cyclical nature of the plot and the clumsiness of the production, but we still know that it could have been more.

Gongmin, aside from his own personal mourning, mourns doubly for Young, feeling like he caused more pain for him. The shots should have been longer! Is that all they can come up with? It would totally suck if she’s stuck in this time loop trying to save him.