I am not sure who else is considered an A-lister in their age group. At the bustling Someday office, the constant ringing of the phone has Reporter Yeo so on edge that he hilariously snaps that Chae Young-shin has disappeared on her beleaguered team and probably got dumped. It would have been so awful if she had just left it there n cried. I’m a little worried about Yuri though.. Can someone pl slow-mo it?? Oh she had the nerves to stick up for Oh Yoon Joo to me. Anna tells him that the only reason she came was because she liked him and thought he felt the same. It’s disastrous bringing up, or should I say purposeful negligence that mould Jcw role into scheming to excel at all cost.

He has more reason to hate Moon Shik than anyone else. We certainly have something in store But the plotlines just did not attract me enough to watch them. Young-shin approaches the board and reaches a shaking hand out to the mostly obscured photo of Jung-hoo. Designer is one thing; Team Lead takes a completely different set of skills. The ending made me speechless, of course in a good way…….. What musical is that from? She starts by asking if they knew each other when she was young.

I didn’t watch him in Five Fingers because he was not the lead. I agree with you.

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Korean drama viewers’ taste. Jae-hyuk threatens Kim with death.


With this drama, you never know. Your zoo island sounds like FUN! For the little time she had so far in episode two, she didn’t impress me.

Damacrazy regards to being yet an A-list status, that’s also a question in my mind, maybe he is just a”late bloomer” and that this Healer will soon sealed him that status. So chairman jung initiate her profile for the fashion magazine. YJT definitely has impressed me and I’d love to see his movies – as an actor and director.

Fashion King: Episode 16 Recap

Somehow he looks like him. Bong Sook comes into the office and enthusiastically thanks Young-gul for the purse. He told her there are many things he was hiding from her. That is beyond awesome and makes me feel much better.

She set her own trap and fell into it. We are getting together to make our video. The deliberate sin – sin of commission is grave. I am just so satisfied and very much happy with the way the kdrama fashoin. I have never been so drawn to a drama like am drawn to this one. She started two of three kisses… Make. Now off to read your baby recap.

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My first and hopefully not the last. I think episoxe you are not in every scenes since the beginning, I will chincha missed you very much!. Ah Jung narrates that from a lie a real love blossomed. I wanna watch the raws, but I cant find it.


While the boys are done fighting, it looks like the girls are up. Post was not sent – check your email addresses!

Baby Recap for Lie to Me Episode 16

Hopefully she improves throughout the series! Yg Family Official Thread.

And from comment Ep 14 Recap Comment She refuses him because she has to go to the retail store today. Rooftop Prince faked NY Why is that scary? Mary of Bethany January 28, at 3: Also, scales of justice, as in, I’m hoping at the end, he’ll live a life worse than death if that makes sense but it has to be pretty horrible, and not just being locked away in jail, but probably something like Myung Hee denouncing him publicly and maybe getting a new love or sommmmeeethinnng LOL.

Again, writernim…make it easy and give us conflict some other way.