Cindy assures Christina that the gun is only loaded with blanks. The theatrical, mystical tone of the play is set by the game that Fefu plays with her husband. Three people assume characteristic expressions at certain moments in the play: There is a rocking chair. It begins in the living room of Fefu’s country house. In an effort to explain this strangely ambiguous ending, many critics have looked to one of its most obvious roots: Foreshadowing is a device whereby the playwright places clues that warn about future events.

She sincerely cares for Cecilia and is willing to walk away from their relationship if Cecilia continues to abuse her emotionally. Women played a large role in supporting the U. The businesslike Cindy reacts as though she’s heard it all before, while the delicate Christina cringes at nearly every word. At the end of the play she admits to Julia that Phillip can’t stand her: Fefu’s interest in the male-associated activities of shooting and plumbing and her assertions that she “like[s] men better than women” and that she “like[s] being … thinking … [f]eeling like a man” indicate that her strategy for coping with the pain of her marriage is male-identification, but this mode of response is problematized by the presence of female friends who cause her to confront the patriarchal construction of female inferiority. If we are invited to be in their spaces but not of them, made to feel how little difference our presence makes in their world, then what does that say for the status of Fefu as a feminist performance? Fefu and Her Friends”. Views Read Edit View history.

Friennds going mad too. In the following excerpt, Worthen discusses Fornes’s political, feminist approach in Fefu and Her Friendsparticularly how she challenges the audience’s inherently uncomfortable response to the play itself.

The perspective offered by the realistic box appears to construct a community of witnesses but is in fact grounded in the sight of a single observer: The victim of a mysterious accident that left her paralyzed, Julia is in the grips of a quiet madness. This book is a collection of essays about teaching feminist theatre and includes essays by the feminist playwrights Ellen Margolis and Cherrie Moraga. Kheal like Isidore in Tango Palace insists he is always right because he is the master and proceeds to lecture on the elusiveness of truth, the impossibility of understanding beauty, and the mathematics of love.



Giard captures not just playwrights but also poets, critics, historians, novelists, and activists. Women who step too far outside of the boundaries that society has set for them are considered to be overly aggressive, and take on traits that are generally considered to be those of a man, and the women who possess these traits find that they herr perceived as having these traits in excess, simply because the traits are exhibited at all. They are recalled as if they were dead, cut down in their prime, because being sent to the psychiatrist was a kind of societal death.

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Project MUSE – Play: Fefu and Her Friends

Fefu pronounced Feh-foo is the host of this gathering, which is held at her house in the New England countryside. She blanks out and that is caused by the blow on the head. I’m not going to leave my kid here with this insane person. Like remembered photographs, lpay is haunting and disorienting to pass other groups moving into new rooms and to catch glimpses of empty spaces which we have previously visited.

His body is here but the rest is gone. Perhaps this fef nowhere more evident than in Fefu’s pre-occupation with plumbing. In the production at the Greenhouse Theatre, the play is divided into three acts without intermission.

Julia is back in her wheelchair. Print this article Print all entries for this topic Cite this article.

Fefu and Her Friends

Alikakos’s Fefu has an upright posture and is full of breezy confidence. Fefu has invited a group of women to her home to rehearse a brief series of skits for a charity benefit to raise money for a newly founded organization.

Part of the kitchen scene was written, but I had thought it would be happening in the living room. As Emma says, “Life is theatre. Fefu enters the living room with a dead rabbit, surprised that she has killed it.

That is why we take pleasure in seeing things.

These women are under a different kind of assault, unseen and difficult to effu, involving sexuality and gender roles. Paula sits at the kitchen table and tallies up mathematically the sum of a love affair. Madness and depression are not the same things, despite efforts to equate the two for purposes of neutralizing a person’s independence.

That system can function with such a bias that it could take any situation and translate it into one formula. The scene in part 1 begins at noon in the living room of Fefu’s country home in New England.


You find revulsion exciting? He falls and plays dead.

Fefu and Her Friends |

Ftiends need the person he is. Any interactions with male characters are done offstage and no established male characters are seen to portray how women behave when not in the presence of men. They are still drawn to each other but it is clear by the end of the play that they will not connect again.

Paula tells Cecilia, “I’m not lusting after you,” when Cecilia continues to give her mixed signals. Julia’s condition is reminiscent of Fefu’s comment about the worms under the rock:. Settling in Manhattan, Fornes attended Catholic school but dropped out before graduating so that she could work.

Christina comes running back into the living room because there’s a water fight in the frienxs over who will do the dishes. Fefu and Her Friends was well-received when it was ans produced in and again in There is a rocking chair.

Paula remembers when she was new to the faculty and thought that everyone who was rich was happy. You are being stupid. Paula’s strength, in fact, draws Cecilia to her.

Although and have escaped into the world to “discover the appearance of sin,” having been “unacquainted with evil,” they soon learn to steal from the poor as well as the rich. As the play opens, Isidore is resting in a shrine, occasionally emerging to toss cards at Leopold.

Probably ssynopsis signified for her an explanation of simultaneity since all four scenes are done simultaneously four times for the four groupsa union of play fiends audience through kinetics, some adoption by the theater of cinematic flexibility and montage.

I didn’t hurt her. In the s, some of Fornes’s works were criticized as being too Hispanic, whereas her production, Letters from Cuba based in part on correspondence with her only brother who remained in Cubawas considered to be not Hispanic enough.