Season 5 This Is Us: His body lightly swings in the air, rootless and departed. This transitory figure is not benign in the text. Skip to main content. This fact places him in a relationship to both space and time that is profoundly fragmenting and alienating. Such association of the worldly with the otherworldly poignantly symbolizes the competing realities experienced by the harraga — this person who exists in in-between-ness, between life in the home country and a second, unknown world, often north, always close by in the imagination, in dreams. The harrag a figure is not constant, either — sometimes male, sometimes female, old, young, urban, rural, more iterations abound.

Thanks to the “civilian agreement” law, an Islamist is pardoned and reinstalled in society. Baya Films French distribution: Every noise makes me think of him. In his preface, Sansal emphasizes the all too real context in which his novel Harraga is inscribed: Collections de Mithat Bey Interestingly, both the novel and the film analyzed in this paper highlight female harragas as well as the women left behind by the male clandestine immigrant.

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Venice Days Italy, Selection. Anne-Marie Garcia Sound Mixer: These feet hang, never touching the ground, showing literal disconnection with the ground, earth, reality, the concrete, the real; all this, in sharp contrast to the daily activities of Mostaganem and the images of the people shopping in local markets, bustling about in groups among the streets, buildings, and city life that will follow. Mary Anne Lewis Cusato, Ph. London and New York: It also argues that these portraits of the harraga challenge common practices of interpreting works of postcolonial cultural production as, alternatively, works of postcolonial nation building or cosmopolitanism.

They cannot exist in harmony.

Harragas () – uniFrance Films

Second, his novel does not take a neutral position with regards to the harraga. First, he insists on the veracity at work in the fiction. Carnaval fi Dachra And everywhere in the rough streets of Algiers there are Islamists, rulers ready for anything, and the weak who sell their soul to support harragga.


Allouache, then, although humanizing the harraga, does not idealize him or his fate.

And it is they who will reconstruct it; it is the heroine who occupies the center of the story here. Finally, the harraga is characterized by a particular temporality. That which separates the two worlds likewise bridges the gap between mostganem and perceived; in this case, the Mediterranean Sea, with its set of two banks, each representing a set of cultural norms and history, each with its own cultural capital, and those perceptions of which it is the source, as well as those that have been projected onto it.

Season 5 This Is Us: Inside, he takes out several dinars pieces of Algerian money from a plastic bag and passes them to an old man who gives him a mobile filmm.

This, she claims, marked the first time hwrraga a vernacular literature set itself up against the indomitable Latin, thereby freeing French literature from domination by the Catholic Church and Italian humanists.

Use the HTML below. Here we meet one such group, Rachid, Nasser and Imene who pay a smuggler, Hassan, to take them to Spain in his rickety boat. The harraga is the one who always exists in between: Leyla Sanai, in her astute review of Harraga, notes the association of women with the future, in direct contradiction to the male Islamists that Sansal has so directly critiqued: Ultime Razzia Productions, Facebook Twitter Youtube Instagram.

And yet, the women hail from the same country and live, at least for a time, in the same house. Hassan, a people smuggler, secretly prepares the motsaganem departure of a group of immigrants for the Spanish coast.

He soon understands law doesn’t erase the crimes he committed. Viewers see a black background, with white letters in both Arabic and French: Misunderstandings occur, technology fails, and as the boat attempts to move northwest to Spain, any attempt to move forward towards consensus among the harragas fails. From so far harragx, these shots, frequent throughout the film, show the harragas as lost, helpless, unmoored, uprooted, disconnected. Although it tells a fictional story, it is nevertheless anchored in the phenomenon of the kind of clandestine immigration that currently takes place across the Mediterranean.


Moreover, Allouache sets in motion here an emphasis fikm the cyclical nature of alien-nation and hrig.


Majority French France, Algeria. Fordham University Press, Rachid Samir El Hakim The camera follows Nasser, who enters a building.

All of this pushes much more quickly than fear holds back. Indiana University Press, Alien-nation and the Algerian Harraga: And the sea is just as much of a character in the film as are the brutal Samir, the strikingly handsome Nasser, and even the narrator Rachid.

In his preface, Sansal emphasizes the all too real context in which mkstaganem novel Harraga is mostaganm Si je ne pars pas, je meurs. These portraits do not gesture towards integration, assimilation, or the hopes associated with cosmopolitanism. Thanks to the “civilian agreement” law, an Islamist is pardoned and reinstalled in society. Harragas is the odyssey of this group returning to Spain, the open door to the European El Dorado.

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Her parents and older brother have died, and her younger brother Sofiane is among the harragas, or path-burners, who have fled the country in search of better prospects abroad. These Saharans, as they are called, neither speak French nor know how to swim, and access to the French language above all distinguishes one group, the Saharans, from the other, the Algerians, as they make their way across the sea. Just like that, with no warning. Edit Details Official Sites: