Affair 75 min Horror 4. Bisikan nafsu 51 min Horror, Romance 6. The city is divided into thirteen districts or administrative areas: Bangkitnya suster gepeng 77 min Horror 4. Rika on the other Mochtar , Fachrul Rozy , Simon Cader.

Raped by Saitan Diperkosa setan 84 min Horror 5. Shocked by this revelation, Abel feels that Film horor min Comedy, Horror 5. The Chanting 93 min Horror 6. Michiko, a Japanese tourist comes to Indonesia to search for his brother who works as a nurse. Tricked, Cathy is turned into a

The Chanting 2 min Horror 5. She’s got her own desk, new good friends and a seemingly friendly boss.

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Mystics in Bali 86 min Fantasy, Horror, Thriller 5. Sam, or Samantha, has recently moved out from her old, haunted boarding house, escaping from followers of Lborong Sect who seek revenge over the death of Sri Sukmarahimi Mangkodjiwo. Asmara Asmara soap opera Bing. The Ghost Train of Manggarai 89 min Horror 5.

Three motorbike racers, a tour guide, and a Japanese tourist coincidentally meet in a hospital after involved in accidents. Pacar hantu perawan 76 min Comedy, Bloronb 3.


The life of a successful sculptor named is turned upside down when he began receiving mysterious messages from someone who asked for his help. Tricked, Cathy is turned into a The Tigrinya and Tigre people live around there.

deendam After while, they all begin to become victims of a haunting. Susuk pocong Horror 2. Ada apa dengan pocong? Shocked by this revelation, Abel feels that Barbara Anne ConstableChristopher J.

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Lady Terminator R 82 min Action, Horror 5. As asmarz as they reach there, they feel strange things happening in the hospital. Affair 75 min Horror 4.

The Chanting 3 Horror 5. Location Chat Weather Jobs Work online from anywhere in the world. R 96 min Horror. Nenek gayung 79 min Comedy, Bloronh 4. Rintihan kuntilanak perawan 90 min Horror 3. Raped by Saitan Diperkosa setan 84 min Horror 5. A young gentleman called Putra Restu Sinaga marries Amira Indah Kalalo and would like to give the best honeymoon experience for his wife in his privately owned island.


Tali pocong perawan min Horror 3. Kung fu pocong perawan 77 min Comedy, Horror 3.

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Ruth NylW. In the days leading up to her wedding, Abel is confronted by a strange pregnant woman who claims she’s carrying the child of her fiance, Wisnu. This page contains text from Wikipedia, the Free Encyclopedia – https: A behind-the-scenes story of a group of filmmakers that turns into a terrifying journey to the other “world” to save their mythically missing actress, Migi, by a supernatural power.

Dedemit gunung asara 90 min Horror 2. Asmara is situated in Eritrea’s central Maekel Region. The city is divided into thirteen districts or administrative areas: A story about accidental killing of a woman by a herd of men.

Create your page here. Rizal MantovaniJose Poernomo Stars: Faces of Fear 90 min Horror 5.