It was inspirational watching Liza learn different ways to communicate, including signing, which I had no idea went that far back! The answer to that question is beautifully. A deaf-blind girl – not exactly your run-of-the-mill kind of topic to read! Lara Crooks Sean Glenn I had heard of the Boer War, although I knew very little about it. This enchantingly great book is one of the best I’ve ever read!

There is just something about the way the author captures the female characters so perfectly, that you can’t help but embrace their journeys and find it difficult to put down without the story staying in your head, and your heart! A beautiful friendship, a brutal war, and beautifully written, The Visitors may or may not cause the odd tear or sniffle! Sunshine Boys, The — Movie Clip I loved her friendship with Lottie, it was written so perfectly, and you got to watch their bond grow, and Lottie really did change Liza’s life, and watching how Lottie’s family acted as if she was an honorary family member was touching in more than once place. Her father can now communicate with her and her mother too. Her life becomes less insular though when she meets Lottie who befriends her and teaches her to use a form of sign language and this is such a revelation for Adeliza and allows her to finally communicate with those around her and she soon becomes much more confident and a very brave young woman as she deals with love, loss and all that comes with the harshness of War. I liked the significance of the role they played towards the end of the novel, though of course I won’t write more about that here so that I don’t spoil the story. I’ve got to say, Liza is such a strong character, willing to learn, incredibly intelligent, and so kind hearted to others.

I loved the way that Mascull managed to convey her world even though she was deafblind and could only experience it through touch and smell. He seeks solace with his mod clique, scooter riding and drugs, only to be disappointed. As a child she meets and is taken taubstimmes Caleb, Lottie’s twin brother. Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read.

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I thought about the book after I finished it, which doesn’t happen often. From Here To Eternity Besides, letters were often used in novels of the time, and they work well to distance the reader slightly from the events so that they are brought in gradually.


Nevertheless, she does truly love Liza, like her father and they try to do their best by her. The visual descriptions are evocative and sometimes even disturbing.

With this sight, she can finally see her Visitors.

Phyllis Thaxter narrates as young mother Christine, Eleanor There is just something about the way the author captures the female characters so perfectly, that you can’t help but embrace their journeys and find it difficult to put down without the story staying in your head, and your heart!

The Visitors is not a long novel, but there is a lot packed into the pages, and although it is clearly a yaubstummes of fiction, I enjoyed learning about the development of sign language which has been researched very well.

There is romance — but it is handled with grace and sensitivity. Adeliza, the book’s narrator, is a fascinating character. Mascull used just right words and phrase taubdtummes convey Liza thoughts to perfection, and to haul the reader into a haunting world of darkness.

This is particularly amazing as for 18 years of my life I had perfect vision, but it honestly felt like I was there with Adeliza learning to finger spell This book was amazing. That is, until a young woman takes her hand and starts to communicate.

Especially at the beginning I wasn’t sure whether they were real or just signs of Liza’s underused optical nerves firing at random, but I love how they are brought along and how Liza’s understanding of them develops. The descriptions at the beginning really helped me identify with Adeliza’s blindness.


Preview — The Visitors by Rebecca Mascull. Forlorn was a word I found striking several times while reading this book.

I thought this was a very effective way of including the war in the story without making the narrative feel like a history lesson. The sense of place, as ,ind and Lottie travel from England to the horrors of the Boer War portrayed in the letters received from Lottie’s brother Caleb is incredible. Feb 18, Serendipity Reviews added it.

The Visitors

I guess fiom a great thing. My Review The story opens with our main character, Adeliza Liza Golding and takes us from the moment she is born up to and throughout her adult life.

Speedy — Movie Clip Incredibly intriguing, though gripped from the start I admit that at times I did find myself wondering just where if anywhere it was taubstummws and whilst I don’t want to give anything away I will say stick with it to anyone struggling with this side of the book as taibstummes are you won’t be disappointed.


The Visitors where intriguing and portrayed in a unique way I haven’t come across in any other book. One day Liza ‘escapes’ the confines of her nanny and runs amongst her father’s hops plants. Lottie stayed with her every step of the way – traveling and translating for her, and bringing Liza to her home. At a tender age of 2, Liza contracted a virus that destroyed her sense of hearing and sight. This book was given to me in exchange for an honest review, my views are in no way affected by the author or publishers.

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Apr 15, Tracy Terry rated it really liked it. Liza is a bright, inquisitive girl, who is eager to break out of the prison of her bodily limits and learn about the world around her and partake of what it has to offer in terms relationships. I had some experience of working taubstummfs deaf children in my younger years and learned a little sign language myself and witnessed first tauhstummes how it can open up communication in a way that would otherwise be closed to the hearing as well as the deaf.

Still narrating in her Caleb himself is a flawed character, and I found it quite difficult to warm to him, although I thought his and Liza’s developing relationship was carefully kinc sensitively written.

Set in Victorian times, kjnd have the wonderful protagonist of Adeliza, who blind and deaf from a young age, wants kinc more t Review also posted on my blog http: There are authors who are utterly convincing, I’m thinking Susan Hill and The Woman in Black here, and there have been times when I’ve taken a book and thrown it down in despair because the ghostly thing is just not happening for me.

You will receive an email shortly to confirm your email address. Jan 07, Mandy rated it it was ok. Liza friendship with Lottie and Calab leads her to travel the world and learn the truth about The Visitors. I also really enjoyed the grittiness of the African scenes after the pastoral English scenes.