Takuto gets mad at Mitsuki for drawing a terrible picture of him. Takuto’s powers should have returned, but he is still unable to transform Mitsuki into Full Moon. Advancing Illness Episode However, she gets there, and she finds out that Eichi is So, Tanaka challenges Oshige to see who is more suited to being Dr. The next day, she gets out of her hospital bed to go to the camera shoot, losing her whistle. Also, Takuto is feeling rather melancholy. Unfortunately, Meroko gets her lost when finding the site for the audition.

The Stolen Pendant Episode Takuto and Meroko contemplate on whether or not they should tell the truth to Mitsuki about the e-mail from Eichi. Mitsuki’s debut CD is already being discussed by her producer, Mr. But I can upload it. If you are reading this message, it must mean that you must be one of a few dedicated members of Pisoga. One Piece alternative links. So, Izumi offers to retrieve Mitsuki’s soul in Meroko’s place.

Gray-man Season 2 D. Full Moon’s first solo live concert is going to be held soon!

Takuto and Meroko decide to help Mitsuki sagazhite transforming her into a year-old! So, Mitsuki will have to deal with her clumsy substitute manager, Kotarou Akiba.

Murakami invites her to tour the place on his yacht. Unfortunately, the forum, mySQL, and server were all outdated and when I updated to a new, more secured version, they conflicted. It’s not all fun and games at this year’s college festival. Takuto transforms into a human to protect Mitsuki from some muscle-bound fanboys. Takuto recovers more fukl his memories from when he was a human.

Channel Catalog Subsection Catalog. When Oshige and Meroko try to persuade Wakaoji, he declines. It means Taukto and Meroko are still at home and she can’t transform!


Videos For: Full Moon Wo Sagashite 52 – – tubes on speed dial!

Mitsuki gets an audition at Seed Records Studio. You’d think that since “Myself” is such a big hit, everyone must have listened to it. This is indeed a very sad decision but we have to find a way to stop all those hateful spam bots. Not fearing anything anymore, Mitsuki runs off to vfoh audition.

I sincerely thank you for that. However, she gets there, and she finds out that Eichi ,oon Mitsuki gets to debut on TV on a show starring Fuyuko Komaki. Bueno pues no esta muy bien hecho tampoco tengo muchos programas para hacerlo Espero que les guste! Grandma’s Past Fulp You must only upload images which you have created yourself or that you are expressly authorised or licensed to upload.

Full Moon wo Sagashite Ep. 8

Mitsuki’s illness grows worse, and Dr. Articles on this Page showing articles 1 to 25 of She knows that this is her last day of her life. While I was alone, I got the idea to make this video. Mitsuki and the gang are now in America, and they are currently staying at Kazumi-sensei’s home. Mitsuki goes outside and blows her whistle so that Takuto will come back. Her name is Madoka Wakamatsu, and she’s willing to do anything to keep Mitsuki from winning the audition.

But, Mitsuki soon learns that Dr. The Movie Touch Movie: Once again, Meroko stays at home.

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Please PM me in the forum and we can discuss in details. Takuto and Meroko try their best to stop Mitsuki from going to Eichi’s house, for fear of how Sagashitte may react.

But I can upload it. Mitsuki’s Feelings – Meroko’s Feelings Episode However, Takuto doesn’t trust the guy one bit.


Mitsuki and Takuto pretending to be a doll go to the studio to do a recording while Meroko stays at home, posing as Mitsuki. Christmas time is near, and Mitsuki is inviting her friends to a party at Oshige’s apartment.

Rakka becomes the newest Haibane, after she awakens from a strange mokn and finds herself hatching vekh a massive cocoon. Unfortunately, she has sarcoma, a tumor in her throat, preventing her from becoming a singer.

Tanaka takes him in.

It will happen even if I must do it by myself. Mistuki gets a visitor; it’s her teacher from her old orphanage, Kazumi-sensei. Aqui les dejos las canciones en numero vale Gracias por su apoyo y espero que les guste. It makes me depressed to say this. Oshige is sick in the hospital today. Mitsuki, in a deep depression, returns home to Japan, and she has given up on singing. The judges have come to this conclusion: Meroko reads Mitsuki’s fortune and says that it will be her lucky day. The Old Man on the Swing Episode What’s worse is that a pair of Shinigami, Takuto and Meroko, appear and tell Mitsuki that she has only one year left to live.

Most of all, he will forget Mitsuki and Meroko. Mitsuki hides out by the shore, where she hears her song, Myself, sung by Those are undeniably sweet memories yet those sweet memories now probably have turned into bitten one.

The Stolen Pendant Episode