Penguin August 1, at 8: But I’d have liked to see her do it; to show her strength of character and the same courage she showed when she decided to walk into the iron cage without aid. Kang-to excuses himself to give him a moment with Mok Dan. In my polsci class, we read the origins of Al Qaeda and one of the reasons was that American military base in Saudi Arabia which Bin Laden could not stand. Lindiriel September 7, at 4: You’re worried about where he’s hiding his suit? What did he think he could offer her in the end, really?

But who wouldn’t melt when such a hottie asks for a favour haha. Ivoire July 19, at 8: Are these guys always sitting like this all day waiting for an audience with someone? Hi ck10z, you heard right. I’m a bit claustrophobic, so that scene was disturbing for me. I still cannot believe Gaksital went there. Thank goodness that at least Rie gets out of this alive.

Thanks for the recaps. I can’t imagine that, in the minute in which Kangto dismounted and fell into Mok Dan’s lap plus the 2nd minute where her epsiode come flooding back, Mok Dan was able to flip the switch on her overwhelming loathing of Kangto.

Back at the inn, the circus girls cry it out. Rie sits, choking back her fears and tears and only lets out a breath after she hears the clicking of swords-Kachiyama has drawn his to defend her. And more than laws of physics are at stake here. gaksita,

Gaksital stands on the roof of the building and drops over the edge, one hand holding a rope tied to the rooftop. But I was also relieved of the extent. I want to give this episode a standing ovation inside my cubicle.


Episode 5 by TeriYaki. Kang-to sits across from him and downs his drink, and Shunji does too. She smiles at him and he introduces her to Dong Jin. He has to be put in that position: I have this big fear that Kang-to will die.

Awe August 3, at 7: In my gut, I just feel like that’s how the drama’s going to end. Boy, that would be a serious twist! I find the bad guys way more interesting and easier to relate to than the good guys. What if the U.

Maruja August 16, at 8: I always thought that if he ever find out about this, it will at least shake him and force him to question his act up to this point. He cradles her face in his hand, wiping her tears away. Jenny September 7, at He knows Mok Dan would always be by his side and will try to protect his identity, with Rie Moreover, it was not some fictitious Dongjin commando that liberated Chosun from Imperial Japan.

dramabeas This episode reached a series high rating, I hate seeing the good guys die, especially when they do it in front of Kang-to. Fuck, I knew it. I loved that scene when he said he will never forget her name. Guess Horsital gets the manners award. This is a story about the road to redemption of Kang To and how he becomes a hero.

Gaksital: Episode 22 ยป Dramabeans Korean drama recaps

I wonder how well this drama will be received in Japan? I am very curious now The relationship between the 2 coutriese is very complex, the resentment is deep from both sides and although that declaration was a big and unexpected step, it didn’t have much of any kind of consequence.


And Prosecutor hottie in City Hunter reunited with his ex wife. He asks if no one was hurt but everyone draws away-crying in their own grief.

Chairman Ueno will be arriving. Thanks for the re-cap. I know that won’t happen, but just try a bit, please? She laughs bitterly, calling him an idiot for being blinded by his love. I gaksita, that most, if not all, of Gaksital’s audience can distinguish between right and wrong like her. All I know is that despite all my hate and bad wishes for Shunji, it still ripped me to shreds.

Akiko’s Morning Coffee !! :]

It’s just not right. Epiaode I get totally confused Pray, tell me what do you suppose the Koreans should do when the Japanese occupied their land and commit all those atrocities? A verification email has been sent to your new email address. Not just because the actors spark off each other although their tension is cracklingbut because Rie is such an interesting case of mixed-up identities and loyalties, and provides such a fascinating counterpart to both Kang-to drambeans Shunji.

Making her a bit more like MokDan than she realizes. Kang-to offers to meet Reporter Song and find out how to contact Dong-jin.