She nods to him, hands demurely in front of her. A cry above and some giant bird flies over. With a hoarse snarl of protest, Yellow leaps to his feet and throws off the blanket. And they leap into the air. But since it s a Korean show first, and is being dubbed back into Japanese, gonna use the official Korean title. A strange stone set in an alter glows brilliant, blue white.

But then the TV starts working behind them. In the hospital, Takuya crows in delight as Natsumi become visible in shimmering, blue light. His claws tear apart an Aurgette’s face, but he is still quick enough to catch Shuten’s axe when it falls towards him. He catches up with her in the middle of the park. And the Narrator says gently, “Everyone, do you think this peaceful day will go on forever? There is only the faintest ripple in the air to mark his presence, but the rest of the group has arrived to see him fade away. The power forces the Aurg back, and then destroys it completely. The woman’s voice is softer but the male has a wicked, mocking high tone.

He is getting pretty well bashed. Hands deep in his pockets, he says, “It’ll be okay. The boy is walking with heavy steps, looking down at the camera in his hands. It roars, and then leaps down towards him.

Temple Bell ” and waves it arm. The title card for Hyakujuu Sentai Gaoranger.

Red nods with bright eagerness. Down below, the frightened elephant knocks over gaorajger, and the crowd runs from it as it trumpets. And then, pleased, it uses the hard metal with all its sharp edges as the base and soon forms a humanoid shape of it. Yellow gasps and freezes where he stands as the boy’s finger settles on the button.

Yet when he finally reaches the top, there is a drop into blackness below and he gives a hoarse gasp of fear and draws back. It’s all right,” he tells it, and lets it go. There is a man gaorangger fire for a crowd of excited people. Yellow, White, Blue then Black.


The giant beasts race, leap and fly from their places, folloing the signal, racing down to land on the ground and hurtle as a group to their companions’s sides. Takuya has arrived episofe be at Natsumi’s side, calling her name. Let’s go – ” he has managed to effect a turnaround and is about to make tracks as fast as he can.

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White starts to say uncertainly, “I’m — ” when a voice interrupts. Red lands hard on his back, and then his badge glows. So the group forms Hyaku Juu Ken, and destroy Tsurigane. His claws tear apart an Aurgette’s epissode, but he is still quick enough to catch Shuten’s axe when it falls towards him.

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And Tsurigane is afraid. He looks at his flyer unhappily. Men and women fall, beaten and trampled under the Aurgettes’ feet. Black utters a stunned, “Is it magic?! The beam of its light pierces the night and reaches for Black, who stops and stares, mesmerized. Blue adds, “They’ll fight haoranger us!

Yellow spins to land with his group who assemble gladly around him, Red gratefully calling his name. On the side of the road, White leans against the guard rail as Red comes to her. Elsewhere there is a man speaking, “Long, long gaorange there epksode Taketori no Okina an old man who picks up bamboo ” Another woman’s voice ” We see his sweet, happy face clearly before he races in to the shop.

It talks about how cool all the reverberations are and how he loves hearing them since he was born. But before he can shoot them, a hoarse cry like an eagle’s scream rends the air. Shivering, he says “I have a bad feeling.


Hyakujuu Sentai Gaoranger Episode 1

He’s about run out of air in there. Black is in front, for he is most urgent in his worry. He kicks an empty gas cannister so that it goes flying up to the stack far above. Smugly, he confronts the big one and says, “Showed episods, didn’t I?

Blue has opened his at the ringing. He gives the bell a hearty clong. The startled Aurg exclaims upon their single horns, and the woman gives a partial curtsy in greeting. The Gao-Lion’s power is in here. He doesn’t look at them as he vaoranger his thoughts. It looks like an Aurg has been born there.

The man hears the snap and sees the boy.

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Its torso is like the bell, except for the single oranger eye and the two horns. He comes forward now to clap Black on the arm. Blue, who has huddled at the lantern’s base, is unaware of the heavy stone block about to fall on him.

But White is upset very naturally. Black gazes back at them, englksh and letting it show. Remembers why Black had shoved him, and being carried away from there by him afterwards.

And Yellow fights a monster alone. Water tumbles, white in the cold, down the long fall to the riverlet below. Yabai-ba and Tsu Tsue step out from the other side of the original bell and call him by name, Yabai-ba telling him sug doing well.