After sensing Shin’s feeling through his guitar, Ryuga leaves. Ryuga and Enhou battle, eventually taking their fight outside while she remembers who she was and that in their meeting she made him the victim, Ryuga battles Enhou with Rian also intending to end her friend’s suffering. The group then learn that Hakana, with Rian’s help, has infused Burai with a Makai Echo Wave to approach Zedom’s head to restore the seal. Fujihira Hisako Yokoyama Makoto. After eventually escaping the SG1 and its commander Enhou, Ryuga takes a rest and is astonished to find incident not mentioned in the local media. The next day, after having a nightmare of being force fed a human soul by a mysterious man and more horrified that it was not a dream, Enhou is confronted by Ryuga as he attempts to convince her that they are both on the same side. Dragon Blood Kami no Kiba:

This page was last edited on 28 November , at War [ edit ] 18 “War” Transcription: When some SG1 soldiers appear, Takeru has Ryuga serve as the distraction as he and Aguri continue their pursuit. Tohokushinsha Film Corporation Omnibus Japan. Ryuga and Aguri go in as workers to try to infiltrate the work force while Takeru and Rian take another route. Dining [ edit ] 7 “Dining” Transcription: CS1 Japanese-language sources ja Articles containing Japanese-language text. Dungeon [ edit ] 3 “Dungeon” Transcription:

By that time, after learning that the Horror travels through speakers, Ryuga and Takeru are given a rare Madou artifact they are to throw at the Horror.

Some time later, as Rian meets Enhou again, the three Makai Knights find the Horror and manage to throw the artifact at him when he escapes into a motorcycle radio. But suddenly, telling Rian that she feels the Garo armor’s radiance, Hakana writhes in pain as Sonshi’s body is teleported away.


Ryuga believes it is because of his mother.

Garo ~Yami wo Terasu Mono~

But she refuses to listen and warns him to stay away from her. Promotional poster for Garo: By the time Rian arrives to stop him, Sam emerges a changed man and dumps her as the Paradaice girls humiliate her. Burai and Zaruba realize that the Zedom requiem song has weakened, which is an advent to its impending resurrection. Yokoyama Makoto Era Itaru.

Garo Yami 10

Finding his target, Ryuga introduces himself before fighting Washizu as he forced to defend himself with ever slash made on him creating a golden shock wave that overwhelms his opponent.

However, Hiroki’s father arrives and tries to arrest Ryuga. As he is gaor to leave, Hiroki is approached by his teacher Ms.

Taguchi Kei Yokoyama Makoto. Hiroki interferes, allowing the Makai Knight to escape.

Feeling that he is unable to take care of Rian, Burai asks fellow Makai Priest Ouma to take Rian to start her Makai Priest training at Kantai despite being too young and after they depart, he sees Ryuga’s training through the magic bowl before he attempts to commit suicide, but it is revealed that Ouma had realized what he would do and returns in time to stop him.

Yami o Terasu Mono episodes. So Long by Ootomo Kouhei. As he reminisces about the events that occurred since he arrived at Vol City, Ryuga arrives at a cliff with a nice view of the city and starts gar rocks.

The film adaptation teraasu released in theatres on March 28,while the television series began broadcast on April 3, When Hiroki comes to, he grieves over Haruka’s death as he could do nothing to stop it, but Ryuga reassures him by telling him he did all he could.


CS1 Japanese-language sources ja Articles containing Japanese-language text. However, the Garo Armor had long lost its golden radiance and it is not as powerful as it used to be.

Hint [ edit ]. Ryuga and Aguri go in as workers to gxro to infiltrate the work force while Takeru and Rian take another route. Tohokushinsha Film Corporation Omnibus Japan.

Desire [ edit ]. Sonshi [ edit ] 9 “Sonshi” Transcription: Dungeon [ edit ]. Rock [ edit ] 6 “Rock” Transcription: Burai and Ouma return and while hearing Rian’s singing they reminisce of Hakana, and the day the three had seen the blackened Garo armor for the first time. Though he is wounded, and now motivated by his guilt over Kazami’s death, Ryuga checks on Tousei and pleads with him not involve himself in the Makai Knight’s affairs any further.

Garo ~Yami wo Terasu Mono~ – TV-Nihon

Annoyed with Rian telling him that it is his fault that the Horror is waking up, Tousei orders Enhou to capture the girl while he escapes. This is a list of episodes of the Japanese tokusatsu television series Garo: The next day, as Aguri and Rian take over the hunt to a concert where a youth named Shin is to perform, they find Ryuga sensing a presence similar to Washizu. In the Makai Priest episdoe, Rian is being prepared for the ritual that would make her into the new Zedom’s Requiem singer.