We’re looking in a cross section of a well that’s being drilled because, ultimately, you want your gas to come up the steel pipe. You owe it to your kids to get them out of harm’s way, and it was the right thing to do, but it’s not always the easy thing to do. It is clearly shown in the documentary Inside Job. Our pre-drill test proved that our water was pristine beyond anybody’s standards. Maybe because it was a Sunday. You are commenting using your Twitter account. I can’t separate the part of the process.

And if you look at every one of these chemicals– trimethyl sulfide. So my job, and I do have a paid job as a consultant with the industry, is to make sure, as Pennsylvania, that we take advantage of the resources. What I was learning in the Gulf was that no matter how huge the catastrophe was, what really mattered was who was telling the story. This guy lost a hundred thousand dollars in property value in his house. We have triggered these earthquakes. Visit Prime Video to explore more titles. As for the cinematographic aspects, Gasland is a good, well-done film.

What I’ll probably do is sell this and then have the gas company sue me for selling their gas.

But just outside of their gated community, Range Resources drilled a horizontal well directly underneath their house. You’d really walk out on this if you had to– I guess you have to, right? How serious is water contamination due to fracking? Such wastewater injection was blamed for earthquakes that occurred in Youngstown, Ohioon Christmas Eve and on New Year’s Evemeasuring 2. We have triggered these earthquakes. Time to go home. The film focusses on the consequences in the USA, where whole natural regions are becoming foul spillways for polluted water, and rivers and aquifers are dramatically damaged.


Gasland: A film by Josh Fox

DEP, Cabot, anyone I could think of. The development of natural gas will create jobs and power trucks and factories that are cleaner and cheaper, where we develop a hundred-year supply of natural gas that’s right beneath our feet. That inch, right there, this is cement. Senator Ferlo, and this is not for us– OK, but let me ask a specific question. Fracking has allowed gas and oil American companies to reach big reserves of natural gas in the undersoil, and through this finding the United States were able for a while to become an energetic power and get over one of its many capitalist crisis.

It moviie been widely reported. GasLand is the better documentaries of the year. The costs of wind and solar are coming down all the time but they are battling for parity with fossil fuels on an asymmetric playing field. Researchers suspect 65 of the compounds used in Fracking are hazardous to human health.

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But now we’ve been forced to because we’re all sick. The information that’s sought by the local municipalities was situation awareness.

After Lance Simmens got to the governor, it felt like a new day in Dimock. Sir, you are not allowed in with a camera. Governor Cuomo announces that he’s going to let science, not emotion, decide his policy on hydrofracking. And we don’t have many decades to stabilize the climate.


Related News Sliff Interview: They fight a powerful and violent industry, whisch moreover have the support of many politicians and media. After the hearings, James Powers resigned, but there were no indictments, no charges, no real investigation of the recipients of these Pennsylvania intelligence scrpit, including Tom Ridge’s Marcellus Shale Coalition.

So what is happening here? A letter from the Texas Regulatory Agency to Range Resources, stating that their cement job had failed. You know, it’s a little overwhelming, too. It’s a public meeting.

Seeing my baby in that way was kind of traumatizing. They want to street-fight all this.

Featured Video Buy Movie Screenings. Other reports denying connections between fracking and pollution of aquifers have turned out to be gassland by industry. A quick web search turned up their website, which featured pictures of a scary owl, an Israeli SWAT Team member, and a strange blue hand playing chess.