For those curious to see how the series originated, we also have a run of the original Metroid. I have bought many things from Deal extreme and never had a problem with them — usually takes about 10 days to get it. Marisa no Yabou Windows Men in Black: I have downloaded them all already from frozen-roms. Like its predecessor, after finishing the game, you can choose to ignore pretty-boy Soma Cruz and instead play as Julius Belmont. There was a USB cable that came in the m3i package.

Not many games use that function. Joined Apr 8, Messages This movie by dekutony and solarplex abuses a few glitches involving the HUD and story element skips to beat the game in under half an hour. In this run, arandomgameTASer heavily abuses many glitches in the game, in particular an item jumping glitch, to beat the game in record time. My guide focuses on the M3i Zero, but all flash cards are designed to do the same thing, have fun! Couldn’t catch or etc Also mine has some music and a movie on it as well.

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Have you hacked the M3 to change the font to a better one, or so the games sort themselves automatically in alphabetic order. Mmk, I have been trying for a while and I downloaded the newest versin v3. The game seems to have the uncanny ability to agree, moie sure to enjoy the sight of ‘Back to Back Tetris’ because you’re going to see it a lot. It can support 4-key reboot to Rom nd function, and support 4-key reboot beginning function. Sorry bout the mistake.

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Ok… One more question.? I wonder how so much attempt you set to create such a wonderful informative site. My Stumbles An error has occurred; the feed is probably down.


Moderator please sticky this. World’s greatest bounty hunter indeed. And any extra things I need to download? Wanderers from Ys Genesis Ys: Hi i have a m3 ds real and most games work but there are some that dont, have you got details of something i need to download please to make all games work as other friends dont seem to have this problem. This run improves the predecessor movie by Partners in Time Europe by Migu in 3: Debbie, Unfortunately you should just keep the older DS.

If so, go to the system settings and see which firmware you have, if it is 1. Using a backup copy of a game you don’t actually own is illegal and you could get in serious trouble. That being said, here are some good sites to get some NDS roms from:.

Hope you can help Zara. No, create an account now. Prev 1 … Go to page. Moons Stars Vault Flags: We do not usually accept movies beginning from a save. Street Fighter Arcade X-Men: Wow, you replied very quickly. Certainly worth bookmarking for revisiting. I truly enjoy reading your blog and I look forward to your new updates. Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: Is this false advertising from Apple? Discussion in ‘ M3 Adapter ‘ started by GameJun 18, It features your typical side-scrolling plumber, but in this case he comes with enhanced abilities, like wall jumping and doing flips.

You’ll need a micro SDHC card reader. Your name or email address: In this run, Hoandjzj uses strategy, planning and luck manipulation to win the World Racing Grand Prix in as few turns as possible.


The YouTube encode removes the credits and its associated ending theme for copyright reasons. There will be some options to configure, including the language specification. This run plays as Albus, only available as a character after the player has cleared the game as Shanoa. Notify me of new comments via email. I have no idea what to do….

You went to all this effort to post something up that everyone already knew? You can check the author’s comments for more information.

You are very kind to make https: Several of the game’s characters have their own unique abilities. What do I need to put backups of my games on the one card and run a rudimentary web browser on my NDSL please?

Normally when you play the game you simply draw vines for Ivy to walk on and you can pull them to bounce her over an obstacle. Can i ask how did you put all the games and movies and music on it. Joined May 14, Messages Any game I have tried works fine. Log in or Sign up. I will go and check them out. Episode 2 – Mission: Any links will be appreciated, thanks. This run completes all seven worlds.

I am sure 2. Metroid Prime Hunters is the DS spinoff to the “Metroid Prime” trilogy, involving Samus in a race against six other bounty hunters to collect the eight Octoliths and get the “Ultimate Power”.