Nolwazi calls Zitha out on acting like a teenager. How can you lift an elephant with one hand? Will Fana do the unthinkable to protect his family? And congratulations with regards to new wheels. Akhona wont be bossed around by the new kid on blog. Tau is oblivious about the tension between the women in his life. SHB, we thank God for your life and for his protection.. And another important fact Vuxy, if u did u register your brother as a regular driver with yr insurance company, becoz if he is not registered, u might encounter problems if he crashes the car.

Amy M 22 Nov Friday 13 December Episode Jason is floored when a blast from his past shows up. I felt all alone, confused and betrayed. Too 19 Nov Wat is going to happn to zodwa n nic is thr relationshp going to be succesful. Gadaffi realises he wants more from Sphe. Remember, act like a lady, think like a man lolll.

Nurse Pearl is such a nuisance shame. Lubb then said her mouth is big like it’s folded.

Nandi is ready to take action in order to save her family. Morning my water mellons I did say that Nicky doesn’t love Zodwa he loves the fact that she’s a prophetesse nje qa Posh he was being spiteful to the Dlomos when he said that Nick o rata kuku le Akhona Phenyo watena bathong ai he must just go.

You soapif him down nana and tell him nicely now to get off the high horse and start saving. Do you think Cindy is happy about Khethi being the new qawekazi? I started my own business and there went my “soapie privileges”.

Didnt watch Gen last night, i was pretty much tired, so will read all your comments of an update. Will Zitha sell out her man to get ahead? Zitha is on a mission but refuses to admit it. Fana says his goodbyes, knowing he might never see his sister again.


I’m nt working n yes i’m depending on him financially,n we r nt staying 2geda. Tensions run high between the brothers during their meeting with the elders.

The storm will soon be over. Coz Lubb asked his brother what is to hunt in Xhosa, he wanted to tell Sindiswa friend’s girlfriend that her weave looks like she’s been hunting, everyone spisode at the girl.

Smanga is determined to keep his distance from Rorisang. Tuesday 10 December Episode Ngamla is pleased about a damning newspaper article.

SABC 1 Generations November & December Soapie Teasers – Youth Village

He probably used it during lunch to pick up some chicks. So, girl, be Goldi, geneartions minimize bad habits. Good luck my darling. Will Fana do the unthinkable to protect his family?

Morning all, Goldi, you are a strong lady, i can tell by your charecters, but even strong ladies cry, so go on and cry, let it out, and sure you will feel better after that, and we will keep you in our prayers.

Goldi darling so glad that u are feeling much beta.

Your funny quotes and inspirational quotes kept me going. Supermarket owner did not accept kisses only, so I have given him some other items. Leehle 25 Nov I bet u looked absolutely fab in them sunglasses. Monyana, Ok, I’m just seeing now that you guys are not staying together.

SABC 1 Generations November & December 2017 Soapie Teasers

When they took our drinks order, he asked the waiter for extra ice for me. I saw that coming lol. Mrs Chix 21 Nov Darlingn let’s share a word of prayer before u leave. Deacon starts to sweat Wife: S A very warm welcome to you Pearl Tell God what you need, and thank him for all he has done.


Smanga gets what he needs to start his new life. I need to start honing some skills and perfecting some arts before launching myself. Nongo 20 Nov So we still have people reading Gens teasers!? Well said my dear.

That if he ever needs a lif t and you are able to provide it then you will. I’m happy about myself. When u r married and living together then he will have to maintain the whole household. Khutso mokoto 19 Nov Goldi 27 Nov Sister try and look for a job or try selling some fruit or something.

I terminated the account after sending a strong worded mail to their admin – like they’d care. Scott invites Khethiwe out. So Nicky boy is willing to wait for Zodwa. Sapie my beautiful, lovely family. Sindiswa said she farts a lot when she’s drunk and she gets drunk from two ciders of hunters dry.

I have gone through some challenges and wondered if I’d make it, but somehow do. Good luck sweety on job hunting, try some Labour Brokers.