She follows pastry trends from all over the world and is trying to improve her skills conti She studies at a university and works on a local television company. The story of a year-old student of civil engineering at Palestine Polytechnic University, who together with a group of friends, formed a team called Canaan Rangers who care about th He is interested in the quality of tattoo than in quantity. Now that Ukrainians and Georgians have a visa free regime, do Byelorussians feel jealous? Now he is a social activist, visit Tserovani, a post warzone, every week. Presidential election in Azerbaijan organized at high level.

Hayam Jalal is 28 years old, and she works as a carpenter and loves discovering wood. Most of the women h Taha is a young man of 20 years from a simple family consisting of four individuals studying at the university in the Faculty of Engineering, Materials and Minerals Department. Azerbaijan hopes for better relations with Montenegro. Gay rights demonstrate in Ukrainian Capital Kyiv. Blues is the music which defines him. Samaya Zahida, twenty-nine years old, succeeded in creating a job for her and a number of girls through her establishment of sweets called “Ms Candy”. A young girl after her graduation decided to start teaching in a village on the border of Armenia and Azerbaijan, and left to Nerqin Karmiraghbyur to become a teacher.

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The trip took an unexpected turn, an Design as a way to talk to people and the world. Being 20 – Aljadeed – Stephanie. Azerbaijan cooperates with the international community in promoting the values of multiculturalism.

The criminals and those behind them will never be able to achieve their insidious intentions. Young Archaeologist from Georgia is using modern dilm for planning the excavation activities.

Being 20 – Youm7 – Hayam. Being 20 – Lakome 2 – Football, my passion.

OSCE keen to closely co-op with Azerbaijan in eliminating challenges to peace and prosperity. This srdu because of small wages, corruption and the poor working environment. A girl with an incredible thirst for adventure, manages to study at university and still find time to tour over 14 European countries.


AĞ YOL -“Ali and Nino” film screened in Croatia (PHOTO)

Katia tells her story. Azerbaijan strengthening its industrial potential.

Being 20 – Dune Voices – The lonely Libyan mother. Being 20 – Roya TV – Mother and reporter. The deputy chairman of the boa She tells, she learnt crafting from her mother.

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He moves through iflm walker. More than 50 years later, Algiers still remembers the revolutionary thanks to a Boulevard which bear Being 20 – Tele Lumiere – A mother at Being 20 – Gala TV – The weightlifting mother. He wants to live free but most of the time, he is facing familial, social and re Being 20 – Report. Being 20 – Dune Voices – Alone in my twenties.

In this case, everyone can ask what a blind girl benefits from a trip s Plastic, glass bottles to be collected in Turkey. Refusing to accept it, the family started a massive fundraisi Over the last 5 years, he had visited almost the whole of Europe.

The story is about two Armenian guys Nareg Dekermenjian and Nikol Barbarian, who were born and raised in various corners of the world and who returneted to their homeland through Birthrigh The story of Olga Tchaikovskaya, producer of documentary films and founder of the studio Volia Films.

Filmed in Meghri, Agarak, Kapan and Yerevan regions of Armenia, the documentary is about the 40 km portion of the Yerevan-Baku Railway that has been demolished.

Turkish armed forces launch new military operation in northern Iraq. A story of Pavel, who travels for self-development. Qristine is deaf and dumb but she can express her imagination and speak through her paintings and carvings. Beka Jimsheladze makes Qvevry wine. Pashinyan turns his family into object of political speculation. Precious metals gradually recovering. Being 20 – Civilnet – Journalism as a profession and a mission. He now studies journalism and works for RIA newspaper and 20 minutes web portal.


Illegal activity by Armenians in occupied Azerbaijani lands goes on. Being 20 – Aljadeed TV – For the love of marriage. Schools in the villages of Moldova are still filling the educational programme with older generation teachers. Fadwa Kamil – Recycling for Wheelchairs and Medicine. She began her path 6 years ago going through all the positions Being 20 – JRC – Young veterinary – not trendy but happy. Being 20 – Dzair News – Making honey in Algeria.

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Being 20 – Gala TV – The fight of a girl with a pink hair bow. Thanks to him, thousands of Algerian gamers have discovered video games and have been able to qualif He continues this path because of fi Ani is a 20 something with hearing loss. About displaced families live in the town of Tawergha in the Madina sports camp in Benghazi. Both he and the other S She has been working as a journalist from the age of Being 20 – Canal Regional – Save the river, keep the country healthy.

A year-old theatre director starts an educational art-project. He refuses all the surdh. On December 16,consumption of electricity in Capital of Georgia has increased by 40 megawatts.