This week we are throwing back to a WomenEd event in November where we discussed the importance of female digital leadership both within the education and edtech sector alike. A big shout out to all the people who came along in the UK heatwave, to Nesta for hosting and to Cooley LLP for covering the drinks until booting out time. Big thanks to Edvinca for sponsoring this episode! Outside of content, what are the infrastructure considerations on edtech for publishers across data, and good connectivity What challenges do the financial squeezes in education and some difficult edtech business models present? Sophie Deen, Detective Dot detectivedot. How are they making money?

Jean Paul Sarte- https: For full show notes and references go to: We also delve into the four foci of edtech technologies, mixed reality, data science AI , biosynching, and human-machine relations, and how these affect education, teaching and learning. Apps, MOOCs, Chatbots and online tutoring services have all worked to reduce the time and investment needed to pick up and master a language. The Census is 10 simple questions which take no longer than 2 minutes to complete and you will be one of the first to receive the first annual report later this year. The highest performing schools put relationships first. First up, a Chinese AI company in conversation with a US army learning scientist and standards bods on technology in education.

It takes place in November and focuses on learner experience.

Kendra Kramer composes a song for Vice Ganda

This week we set up the series by asking which future technologies for education should we consider as important, and how should we sensibly approach the impact of future technological change without being at once too cautious or too evangelist ict educators?

I hope you enjoy! TV for Philippine viewers, click: A quick update from me with some sad news Also – find out who won our pitch competition and an edtech podcast mug from Vista Print.

If you feel that you would like to add something towards the target I’d be hugely grateful! What should we know twam algorithms, bias and education? You can also check them out on Facebook: Fulo will explore how we move from individual innovation to institutional integration at scale. What does a review of reports on edtech internationally tell us about best practice and evidence based learning in emergencies and displaced settings?


Joshua Perry Director at Assembly: Will there still be colleges and universities in the future? And, should it be humans or machines testing second language acquisition? Plus, find out how the unders in your life can enter a new competition for those passionate about audio and podcasting – The Young Arias. Only the horse race takes seven years and half of them you need to take out and shoot.

What do you think about Betsy Devos? Venue is TBC so if you have one, why not let us know!

Submit your best work to inspire the future of learning. Riffing directly from Wikipedia.

TEAM KRAMER on Gandang Gabi Vice!

Do I think they feel well supported by us? Doug Kramer’s career after suffering stroke published: What I wish I knew when I was twenty.

I am writing this short note as our website is now live, days after launching our first podcast episode! Algerian police use tear gas on anti-government protesters This is Money. Imagine that in India, you have to build 2 Universities of 25k students every week just to catch up with the demographics.

We came to england to learn your experiences Many edtech venture companies have recently started in Japan. Suspected Bangladesh plane hijacker shot dead: Check out all the details here: Developing the technology of the MiMu gesture glove over the last seven years. QFI inspires meaningful connections to the Arab world by creating a global community of diverse learners and educators and connecting them through effective and collaborative learning environments —inside and outside the classroom.


ICT Connect 21 and The Japanese association for the promotion of education technology on why Britain is helping with the renewal of their curriculum after ten years, coding and cramming schools. Thank you to this week’s sponsors! The after school market is so big.

Entertainment News Philippines: No reality TV for Team Kramer

Ali Muirden, Creative content Ltd.: Yes, I think they do. Can two distinct business cultures meet in the middle or not? Produce 9 tonnes of thrust, just pop it down the run way. What latest design methods of communicating information can be used to feedback student performance to teachers whilst maintaining the agency of all stakeholders?

Thank you to this week’s sponsor: The training is inspired by new modern ways to teach which include peer-to-peer pedagogy and project-based learning. Circle with Disney is a little device designed for families to help manage content and time spent online across devices in the home. The b2c market rather than b2school. I grew up with Star Trek and the vision of technology as a very benevolent force altc generates 1. How to build a spaceship book – https: If you’re interested in the themes that come out of the series, check out more ideas in the “open series” here.

A message from our friends at Full Fabric to all the higher education listeners out there. When it comes to communicating with their students and getting them to collaborate outside of the classroom, teachers are stuck between a rock and a hard place. Afghan war deaths in record high The Daily Tribune.

Gaining insight into this fast paced world is worth spending time on especially for those implicated by such changes.