From Courtesan of Nation arc, this fight was amazing. The best Animes Series I’ve ever watched. Isaburou still treats Tetsunosuke like an enemy, and advises that Hijikata had better throw him out of Shinsengumi. Thought that was a nice addition to the episode and I love that we got to see a bit about what kind of person Tatsugorou was and their final dual. The animation was really good. How much can he win?

Same for last week. See also TV Schedule. Everybody is out in full force. First up, it is Katsura vs Shoukaku, along with the reveal of Katsura’s past. He ran a school in jail, and after being released he taught the youth about military arts and politics. Kagura heard such a story, and then she begs Gintoki for it.

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Kondo was known to own a katana named Kotetsubut some think that it was fake. As well as other units, Katamori had some control over the Shinsengumi.

The best Animes Series I’ve ever watched. Perhaps that’s why, in Gintama, Kondo accidentally breaks Kotetsu-chan before paying off the loans, and later purchases Kotetsu Z-II which easily and purposely gets broken by Sogo.

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Battle on Rakuyo Arc Part One: In terms of comic timing, I think had the best directing. It should be noted that Takasugi references the legend when Kagura appears behind him on the Kiheitai ship during the Benizakura arc.

I think wpisode the best thing about Gintama fights is that they are really epic an intense but they don’t expend over 10 episodes or anime chapters just fighting. We got Gintoki’s past revealed in the most epic and emotional way, while fighting Takasugi sword to sword or later even fist to fist.


Episode was good but still had some down moments.

He is from the house of Sasaki clan that is a distinguished family, it’s notable that his older brother Isaburou Sasaki is a leader of Mimawarigumi. Otose is the wife of Isuke not Tatsugoro! Though proficient in Kendo and was a samurai, he preferred guns over the sword.

This page was last edited on 5 Februaryat She grew up to be a beautiful young girl, knowing that she would one day need to return to the moon where she came from. Fucking Jirocho and Pirako.

Watched and watching Anime series and movies. I think that he will did something was mostly Honjo from jirochp I remembered Honjo did the punch and kick scene, but Sasaki too did a sakuga in the episode: Two big events transpired at this location, one which was Sakamoto Ryoma’s encounter with a dangerous ambush.

Pretty cool to see the flashback scene with Jirocho, Tatsugorou and Otose. Takasugi, ally of the Harusame Space Pirates, and Kamui, captain of their 7th Division get caught up in some internal politics. Battle on Rakuyo Arc Part Five: Kagura mistakenly sets the timer off right before the Shinsengumi rushes in, so Gintoki takes kabukichoo and runs out, and with some assistance from Kagura, chucks it up to the sky while falling out of the building.


Battle on Rakuyo Arc Part Four: Bossun, Himeko and Switch come to world of “Gintama” by mysterious power. Sachan’s glasses get broken and she needs them replaced.

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This has to be the most sakuga booru heavy community I’ve kabukiccho seen, and from an anime that doesn’t have much in the ways of sakuga. Yumi confirmed on twitter https: Lol at Kurogoma trying to take the blame for Gengai.

Revathi 4 hours ago. Honda is now editor of manga “Ginta-man”.

Now all will go on a journey to the planet Rakuyou, once the birthplace of two certain redhead Yato. Another jirovho to pronounce the “ryou” kanji in Ryoma’s name is “tatsu” kanji means “dragon”but Sorachi-sensei kbaukicho uses a different kanji to achieve the same results. We begin with some nice Tsukuyo moments and the arrival of Soutatsou that leads to the long-awaited return of Jirochou and Pirako!! Lack of dialogues made it lose its impact and just made it seem like anime was trying to do one scene after other one by one rushing it.